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Parent Complaint Process

Aldine ISD Supplementary Educational Service Complaint Process

If you, as the parent or guardian, have a complaint or concern in relation to the supplementary educational services your child is receiving, please follow the SES Complaint Process detailed below.

Step 1:  Try to address your concern with the SES provider by calling, emailing, or talking face-to-face with your child’s tutor.  

Step 2:  If you are not satisfied with the outcome from Step 1, contact the Nimitz HS SES contact, Mr. Steele, at 281-233-4336 or and express your concern.

Step 3:  If you are not satisfied with the outcome from Step 2, complete the Supplementary Educational Services Complaint Form and click on Submit.

  •  Your complaint or concern will be addressed within one week of the date of submission.
  •  You will receive communication as it pertains to the submitted complaint from the District Coordinator of School Improvement within two weeks of submission.

  • Step 4:  If your complaint has not been resolved to your satisfaction, you may contact the Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum and Instruction for further assistance at

    ​Aldine ISD Supplementary Education Service Complaint Form

    Complete the following information with accurate and current information.

    Supplementary Educational Service Complaint Form

    Name of Complaniant:* 

    Physical Address:* 

    Telephone Number:* 

    Mobile Number:* 

    Email Address:* 

    Describe in detail and accurately the nature of your complaint:* 

    Describe what actions can be taken in order to deal effectively with your complaint:*

    Give any additional comments that would be helpful in addressing your complaint:

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