Aldine ISD Invites Community to Attend Family and Consumer Sciences Project Show Set for Feb. 3

Aldine ISD Invites Community to Attend Family and Consumer Sciences Project Show Set for Feb. 3
Posted on 01/31/2017

Family and Consumer Sciences Project Show CulinaryThe Family and Consumer Sciences program has come a long way from its namesake: Home Economics. This week, the community can see how the courses prepare students for their future.

The 2017 Aldine ISD Family and Consumer Sciences (FCS) Project Show is set for Friday, Feb. 3. The Show will take place at the M.O. Campbell Educational Center’s Arena (details below).

Each year, FCS students come together to show off their amazing skills and projects. The students will represent each ninth grade campus and senior high school. The event is FREE to the public.

Students in FCS courses learn about issues that affect individuals, families, and communities. Studies center on developing skills leading to careers in child development, culinary arts, education and fashion design.

Family and Consumer Sciences courses teach students life skills. Students develop 21st century skills — creativity, critical thinking, collaboration, problem solving and communication — employers want.

Family and Consumer Sciences Project ShowIn the mid-90’s, home economics underwent changes. The family dynamics evolved with women increasingly becoming the second wage earner. Working parents also found they had little time to teach life skills to their children. Over the years, FCS courses have become more career focused.

Giving students life skills and guidance are important. According to Angela Whorton, students in Family and Consumer Sciences courses learn to make career decisions. Whorton is program director of career and technical education.

“Students taking FCS courses have many opportunities to select careers based on their interests,” said Whorton. “They’re very prepared when they leave high school. Students can do presentations and they can work in a team. Students also learn important skills such personal responsibility and time management. Other skills include treating co–workers with respect in a professional environment. It‘s important for students to learn these things at a young age. This will ensure students develop employable skills.”

FCS students also take part in Family, Career and Community Leaders of America (FCCLA). This is a student-led organization. It focuses on the family while offering students the chance to develop leadership skills. Member also undergo personal development. For example, students give back to their communities through service learning. Members discover that one person or a group of people can make a difference and have a positive impact on their communities.

Family and Consumer Sciences Project ShowFamily and Consumer Sciences professionals often work in...

  • Financial institutions
  • Developing improved services and products
  • Marketing consumer products and services
  • Researching needs, attitudes and markets
  • Informing the public (i.e. journalism, public relations)
  • Family and community service agencies
  • Managing operations
  • Education
  • Food and nutritional sciences
  • Dietetics
  • Nutrition and fitness
  • Apparel and textile design (i.e. fashion)
  • Apparel and textile merchandising/marketing (i.e. fashion)
  • Hospitality/Culinary arts
  • Human development and family science

Projects at the 2017 FCS Project Show will highlight the many career pathway courses including the Culinary Arts, Education, Safety, Construction, Fashion Design, Food Production and Leadership. More than 200 students from Aldine, Davis, Eisenhower, Hall, MacArthur, Nimitz (grades 9-12) are competing and taking part in the Show. They will have approximately 300 projects on display.

Family and Consumer Sciences Project Show Calendar of Events - Friday, Feb. 3

Public Viewing and Showcase of Events: 9 a.m. – 12 p.m.

Showcase of Events: 9 a.m. – 12 p.m.; includes on-site competitions, interactive demonstrations/presentations on family and career studies, diaper challenges, a waiter tray obstacle course, cooking competitions, the Fashion Challenge, live presentations on today’s hot topics and much more.

New This Year

Whorton added that eighth grade students would get an opportunity to attend. The District will select students who have expressed interest in the FCS programs. They will get to take part in the hands-on experiences at the Show. The goal is to help students select their high school Program of Study.

“We want to see many families and community members at the Show,” said Whorton. “Their support is important for current and future FCS students.”