Approved Vendors List

Disclaimer: Criminal Background

The Purchasing Department does not obtain criminal background and fingerprinting for approved vendors. It is the responsibility of the campuses or departments to verify criminal background.

Disclaimer: Approved Vendors

If an APPROVED VENDOR* cannot be found in AMS, a Vendor Setup Form should be submitted  to the Vendor Setup Box.​  (Vendor setup form can be found in ePortal)( This form is ONLY for INTERNAL use, NOT for vendors to fill out.)

*`APPROVED VENDORS LIST 7-12-18...xlsx

          *Professional and Consulting Services- 6-14-18.xlsx

*Approved Vendors -
1)  Vendors listed on the Purchasing Department "Approved Vendors List".  These vendors have been approved and awarded based on the competitive bidding process.

2) Vendors listed on purchasing cooperative "co-op" websites. These vendors are approved and awarded by a purchasing co-op based on the co-op's competitve bid process.