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State VASE
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Description: State VASE Images

State Visual Arts Scholastic Event

April 2015

State VASE Results

Aldine High School
Division 2
4 Rating — Olvin Soto for “Hanging Tree,” 3D sculpture variety
Teacher: Michelle Dalke

Carver High School
Division 4
Teacher: Laura Luna
Rating: 5 Rating — Kimberly Chandias for “The Day My Son Broke My Heart,” 3D graphic design traditional
Rating: 5 Rating — Makayla Russell for “Third Sunday In June,” 2D printmaking blockprint
Rating: 4 Rating — José García for “Trials To Become Chief,” 2D colored pencil drawing
Rating: 4 Rating — Lauren Jones for “I Accept My Roughness,” 2Dacrylic painting
Rating: 3 Rating — Cynthia Coronado for “No More,” 2D acrylic painting

Teacher: Zach Walters
Rating: 3 — Biankah Cortez for “Into The Woods,” 3D sculpture paper

Davis Ninth Grade School
Division 1
Teacher: Amanda Peterson
4 Rating — Rafael López for “Laughing Now,” 2D mixed media variety
3 Rating — Miguel Galván for “In The Eyes,” 2D mixed media variety

Davis High School
Division 1
3 Rating — Dayana Vásquez for “Future Beginnings,” 2D graphite drawing
Teacher: Juan Vera

MacArthur Ninth Grade School
Division 1
4 Rating: Alexis Pérez for “Rosco’s Mom,” 2D colored pencil drawing
Teacher: Claire Webb

MacArthur High School
Division 2
4 Rating: Carlos Romano for “Grasping At Eden,” 3D ceramics stoneware
Teacher: Charlee Rogers
4 Rating: Katerina Vásquez for “Meow,” 2D graphite drawing
Teacher: Vino Underwood
3 Rating: Jovan Mendiola for “Escape,” 2D digital art & media 2D still image
Teacher: Amber Quiroz

Division 4
Teacher: Charlee Rogers
4 Rating: Juanita Flores for “Boxed Up Birdie,” 3D sculpture variety
3 Rating: Gabby Bernal for “Swimming Through the Current,” 3D paper sculpture

Nimitz High School
Division 3
Teacher: Leslie Rowney
4 Rating: Adriana Rivera for “The Other World,” 2D mixed media variety
4 Rating: Yesenia Serrato for “Nature’s Light,” 3D sculpture variety

Division 2
4 Rating: María Zavala for “Kat,” 2D colored pencil drawing

Victory Early College High School
Division 1
Teacher: Larissa Schwartz
4 Rating: Francis Mejía for “Stuck,” 2D pencil drawing
4 Rating: Miguel Parra for “María,” 3D sculpture variety
3 Rating: Danny Vilaiya for “Just Us,” 2D ink drawing


Annual Wells Fargo Student Art Contest

March 2015

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17th Annual Wells Fargo Student Art Contest
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Description: Winning Images Division A, Grades K-2 1st Place — “Summertime With...

Winning Images

Division A, Grades K-2

1st Place — “Summertime With Mom” by Rubi Sánchez @ Kujawa Elementary School
2nd Place — “Life’s Journey” by Jorge Gutiérrez @ Anderson Academy

Division D, Grades 9-11

2nd Place — “Three-Dimensional Forks” by Gustavo Leal @ Nimitz High School
Honorable Mention — “Dragon’s Den” by ShaNel Robertson @ Nimitz High School

Scholastic Art & Writing Awards

February 2015


American Vision Award


“Blossom” by Lizbette Tello

Campus: Davis HS
Student: José Gutiérrez (digital art)
Teacher: Marilyn Venne

Gold Key Awards

Campus: Davis HS
Student: José Gutiérrez (digital art)
Teacher: Marilyn Venne

Campus: MacArthur HS


“Self-Portrait 2″ by Eduardo de la Torre

Student: Cecilia Arce (photography)
Student: Juanita Flores (sculpture)
Student: Lizbette Tello (photography)
Teacher: Amber Quiroz

Campus: Victory Early College HS
Student: Selena Cruz (fashion)
Teacher: Larissa Schwartz

Silver Key Awards

Campus: Aldine HS
Student: Eduardo de la Torre (drawing & illustration)
Teacher: Wylie Hachey
Student: Elizabeth Robles (photography)
Teacher: Karen Cruise

Campus: Carver HS
Student: La’Jasha Champion (drawing & illustration)


“Split” by La’Jasha Champion

Student: Cynthia Coronado (printmaking)
Student: Lauren Jones (painting)
Student: Karen Pérez (printmaking)
Teacher: Laura Luna
Student: Jennifer Ramírez (ceramics & glass)
Teacher: Zachery Walters

Campus: Davis HS
Student: Erick Baldillo (photography)
Student: Jenny Huang (photography)
Teacher: Debora Conn

Campus: MacArthur HS
Student: Mariela Díaz (photography)
Student: Jovan Mendiola (photography)
Teacher: Amber Quiroz
Student: Jackie López (sculpture)
Teacher: Charlee Rogers

Campus: Nimitz HS
Student: Crystal Jones (drawing & illustration)
Student: Gustavo Leal (3-D forks)


“Deceitful” by Karen Pérez

Student: Linda López (drawing & illustration)
Teacher: Leslie Rowney

Campus: Nimitz Ninth Grade School
Student: Luis Candelaria (drawing & illustration)
Teacher: Colleen Guise

Campus: Teague Middle School
Student: Vanessa Díaz (drawing & illustration)
Teacher: Birgit Langhammer

Campus: Victory Early College HS
Student: Selena Cruz (art portfolio)
Student: Miguel Parra (fashion)
Teacher: Larissa Schwartz

Honorable Mention Awards

Campus: Aldine HS
Student: Rosio Barriga (drawing & illustration)
Teacher: Wylie Hachey


“Ghost Bird” by Jennifer Ramírez

Campus: Carver HS
Student: Jennifer Flores (photography)
Student: Jairo Ocampo (photography)
Teacher: Kirkpatrick
Student: José García (drawing & illustration)
Student: José García (art portfolio)
Student: Vanessa García (printmaking)
Student: Danielle Guerra (printmaking)
Student: Sheldon Jacko (painting)
Student: Kaci Johnson (painting)
Student: Lauren Jones (art portfolio)
Student: Yazmin Rodíguez (printmaking)
Teacher: Laura Luna

Campus: Davis HS
Student: Valerie Nguyen (drawing & illustration)
Teacher: Debora Conn
Student: Valerie Nguyen (writing)
Teacher: Venne


“Nature’s Best” by Erick Baldillo

Campus: Drew Academy
Student: Tyrese McCoy (drawing & illustration)
Student: Ashley Reynoso (drawing & illustration)
Teacher: Allison Hamacher

Campus: Eisenhower HS
Student: Rosa Herrera (art portfolio)
Teacher: Kaileigh Rosplohowski

Campus: Grantham Academy
Student: Grecia Iruegas (mixed media)
Teacher: Medina


“Steps to Society” by Jenny Huang

Campus: MacArthur HS
Student: Jovan Mendiola (photography)
Teacher: Amber Quiroz

Campus: Nimitz HS
Student: Jordan Edwards (painting)
Student: Linda López (photography)
Student: Shannon Nixon (drawing & illustration)
Teacher: Leslie Rowney

Campus: Victory Early College HS
Student: Bernardo Montero (photography)
Student: Miguel Parra (art porfolio)
Teacher: Larissa Schwartz

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Aldine ISD 2015 Livestock Show

2015 AISD Livestock Show Art Winners

Grand Champion — Mariana Mendoza, Eisenhower HS

Reserve Grand Champion — McKenna Horning, Nimitz HS

3rd Place — Graciela Caballero, MacArthur HS

4th Place — Jamie Padron, MacArthur HS

5th Place — Yelsi Canales, MacArthur HS

6th Place — ShaNel Robertson, Nimitz HS

7th Place — Olvin Soto, Aldine HS

8th Place — Elisa Tyler, Nimitz HS
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Rodeo 2015
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Aldine ISD Visual Art Contestants