Minerva AlbaMinerva P. Alba
Accounts Payable Supervisor
(281) 985-7267
Fax: 281.985.6300
                                      Rita Rivera-Rodriguez
                                           Accounts Payable Clerk
                                    Vendors beginning A-C
                                    (281) 985-6248

 Ramona GarciaRamona
 Accounts Payable Clerk

Vendors beginning D-H
(281) 985-6251

  ShirleyShirley Thomas                           
  Accounts Payable Clerk
  Vendors beginning I-N
(281) 985-6225

Marisa V SanchezMarisa V. Sanchez
Accounts Payable Clerk
Vendors beginning O-S
(281) 985-7336 
San Juana (Janie) MoralesSan Juana (Janie) Morales
Accounts Payable Clerk
Vendors beginning T-Z
(281) 985-6249
 StarEstrellita (Star) Zaragoza
Accounts Payable Compliance and Internal Training Specialist
 Vendors beginning A-L (Grants)
(Bosworth, Lakeshore & Office Depot)
281) 985-7272
 San Juanita RodriguezSan Juanita Rodriguez
Accounts Payable Lead and External Training Coordinator 
Vendors beginning M-Z (Grants)
(School Specialty)
281) 985-6247          

Marjorie MaloneyMarjorie (Margie) Maloney
Temp. Part-Time A/P Clerk
Process Game Worker Payments, Vendors: CDW, Solit It & Troxell (Local)

(281) 985-6324

                                          Martha Young
                                       Temp. Part-time Scanning Clerk
                                        (281) 985-7847

emporary A/P Clerk