Online Programs

Online Programs

Welcome to the Online Learning Department's Online Program Resource page!  We have provided links and documents for all of the district purchased online software.  We will also have links to register for any available web-based professional development sessions for these programs.

If you are looking for a complete list of programs and their uses, CLICK HERE.

District Purchased / Supported Programs


ESLReading1 Online Programs

ESL Reading Smart

A Reading program geared for Intermediate and Middle school ESL/ELI students. This program is very reading intensive and is wholly computer-based. There are teacher lesson plans available for each section within the program for direct instruction.

ESL Reading Smart Teacher Guide

ESL Reading Smart Online Staff Development Registration (Coming soon!)

fasttmath ad logo Online Programs

Fastt Math

A Math program designed to help students learn math facts for all operations: multiplication, addition, subtraction, and division.

Fastt Math Staff Development Handout

Fastt Math Software Manual

Fastt Math Online Staff Development Registration (Coming Soon!)

fractionnation Online Programs

Fraction Nation

A Math program designed to help students learn math facts fractions, conversions, and decimal equivalents.

Fraction Nation Staff Development Handout

Fraction Nation Software Manual

Fraction Nation Online Staff Development Registration (Coming Soon!)

First in Math First in Math

A Math program designed with focus, coherence and rigor as its cornerstones.  This program is full of self-paced activities and games that target mastery of procedural skills and fluencies that are essential for internalizing and demonstrating conceptual understanding.  First in Math's comprehensive content fully aligns with the TEKS, enables teachers to use the program to best support student learning.

First in Math Glossary of Terms
First in Math Manual

logo rosetta stone Online Programs

Rosetta Stone

A language program that helps in the acquisition of a second language. This can be used with ESL / ELI students in grades K-12 to facilitate academic language acquisition, either from home or as an extension in the classroom. This program is also available to teachers and district employees. Registration for this program is handled through the Online Learning office. Please email all inquiries and questions to:

Rosetta Stone Quick Start Guide

Rosetta Stone Usage Report Directions

Rosetta Stone Complete User’s Guide

Rosetta Stone Home Quick Start Guide

Rosetta Stone Staff Development Registration (Coming Soon!)

Turn it In Turnitin

Turn it In is the leading originality checking and plagiarism preventing software services used by millions of students and teachers, as well as plenty of school districts. Turn it In encourages the use of best practices when it comes to citing and using someone else's work, and allows students to collaborate with peers and teachers.

Turn it In Instructor Manual

BrainPOP BrainPOP

BrainPOP is a group of educational websites with over 1,000 short animated movies that cover all curriculum topics, and have related materials, including quizzes and tests.  BrainPOP is available for ESL students, as well as Bilingual students, and can be accessed from home.

Creating a Student Account

Creating a Teacher Account

Achieve 3000 achieve 3000

Achieve 3000 is a reading program that delivers daily differentiated instruction to students at their exact lexile level.  The text used in the program is all non-fiction, and current events, so it's high interest to the students.  There is a significant writing component as well, and a career study page for students to learn about different career choices.

Achieve 3000 Teacher Handbook