WRT System

The district has  implemented a comprehensive on-line work request system that enables users throughout the district to communicate with departments  that provide support services.  In addition to being able to send work requests over the Wide Area Network in real time,  patrons are able to query the database for the status of work in progress and completed work orders.  This system is now in use at all school locations to submit work requests to the Maintenance department.  We are continuing to fine tune this system to insure quick, reliable, and simple processing of work requests.

How to Create a Work Request:

  1. Open LotusNotes.
  2. After opening Lotus 6.5, minimize the screen.
  3. Double left click with the mouse on the "Launch WRT" icon on the desk top. Filemaker 7.0 will begin to open. At the dialog box, select ?Open an existing file?. Click OK. Navigate to the WRT folder on your hard drive and double click on the file folder labeled ?Launch WRT?.
  4. File WRT 7.0 dialog box will appear. Enter the login password "AISD" (ALL CAPS) and click OK.
  5. "Work Request Data Entry Form" should appear on the screen.
  6. Be sure the "Num Lock" button on the keyboard is on to activate numeric values should your password have a number.
  7. Click on red "New Record" button.
  8. Enter your six digit password in the Password field.
    (If this is the first work request, it will take several moments to activate.)
  9. Tab (using the Tab key) or click (using the mouse) to the next field - Priority.
    (If this is the first work request, it will take several moments to activate.)
  10. A pull down menu should appear.
    Select the priority by clicking on your selection using the mouse.
    1. Threats to Life/Safety
    2. H.V.A.C.-Repair-MT
    3. Interfering with Instruction
    4. Important
    5. Will Wait
  11. After your selection is made, tab or click moving to the next field to be completed - Area
  12. A pull down menu should appear.
  13. Select the location by clicking on your selection using the mouse.
    • Auditorium
    • Band Hall
    • Boiler room
    • Boy's Dressing room
    • Boy's Restroom
    • Bus Ramp
    • Cafeteria
    • Cargo Container
    • Central Plant
    • Classroom
    • Clinic
    • Courtyard/Pod
    • Custodial Room
    • Domestic Water Plant
    • Girl's Dressing Room
    • Girl?s Restroom
    • Gym
    • Hallway
    • Kitchen
    • LMC
    • Lift Station
    • Mechanical Room
    • Men's Restroom
    • Mini-Gym
    • Office
    • Parking Lot
    • Playground
    • Pool
    • Roof
    • School
    • Shop
    • Stadium
    • Teacher's Lounge
    • Temporary Building
    • Tennis Court
    • Waste Water Treatment Plant
    • Women's Restroom
    • VOID
  14. After your selection is made, tab or click to the next field to be completed - Location.
    This field does not need to be completed. If you choose to do so, complete this field by using a direction to identify the location of the problem. For example north, south, east, west, room number, hallway number, upstairs, downstairs, etc.
  15. Tab or click moving to the next field - Problem.
  16. Describe the problem.
    • Please be brief and to the point.
    • Do not combine work requests.
    • Do not mix crafts.
  17. Tab or click moving to the next field - Department.
  18. A pull down menu should appear.
  19. Select the department by clicking on your selection with the mouse.
    Buildings & Properties/Custodial-BP
    Maintenance - MT
  20. Tab or click moving to the next field - Craft.
  21. A pull down menu should appear.
  22. Select the craft by clicking on your selection with the mouse.
    • After your selection is made, the Assigned to: may have a craftsman assigned to complete the work request or the entry may say "To Be Assigned."
      (Make note that the first section are those crafts in the Buildings & Properties Department and the next section is for those crafts in the Maintenance Department.)

Buildings & Properties Department

    • Lawn & Equip. Repair
    • Custodian Equip. Repair
    • Gym & Stage Floors
    • P/U & Delivery of Custodial Equip. & Supplies
    • Carpeting
    • Building Rentals
    • Re-Cycling
    • Miscellaneous
    • Mowing Fields & Playgrounds
    • Outside Pest Control
    • Parking Lot Repairs
    • Dumpsters
    • Miscellaneous
    • Suggestions
    • VOID

Maintenance Department

    • Athletic Washer/Dryer
    • Carpentry
    • Contractor
    • Dispatcher
    • Electrical
    • Elevator
    • Fire Alarm System
    • General Maintenance
    • Glazier
    • Graffiti
    • HVAC ? Repair
    • Hot Shot
    • Locksmith
    • Overhead Door
    • Paint
    • Plumbing
    • Roofing
    • Suggestions
    • VOID


If you are ready to submit the work requests, click on ? Accept Work Request.

  • Priority 1 (Threat to Life/Safety) or Priority 2 (H.V.A.C.-Repair), a pop up screen from Lotus Notes will appear. Using your mouse, select by clicking on Send (this command will send notification of a work request to the appropriate Department as an e-mail).

Do not select the Help or Options buttons.

  • Priority 1 (Threat to Life/Safety) and 2 (H.V.A.C.-Repair), Priority 3 (Interfering with Instruction), Priority 4 (Important), Priority 5 (Will Wait), the Assigned to: field will be filled in. Also, a eight digit number will appear in the Work Request # field. This number identifies your campus number and the work request number. The Status Input field has now changed to a formal Work Request sent to the appropriate Department.
  • If you decide to void the work request, click on VOID.
    This pop-up screen will appear:

"FileMaker Pro - Selecting "VOID" has cancelled this work request. It has not been sent to the department you selected.

Select: New Record or Close File Ok "

Clicking on Ok cancels the work request.
Click on New Record if you wish to continue.
Click on Shutdown if you wish to exit from the work request program.