Expert Supervision and Support:

The special education services department is led by a dynamic and accomplished group of program directors and specialists.

Katherine Seals:

Executive Director of Special Education

Program Directors:

Tracy Bailey - Graduation/Transition/Discipline Bridget Cook - Behavior Specialist Tommie Elmore - Related Services/Homebound Kathy Gray - Transition/Graduation Pat King - Speech Nancy Kohler - Structured Learning Classroom Program Mona Miller - Preschool Programs for Children with Disabilities, Compliance Ramonda Olaloye - Inclusion, Medicaid, and Assessment Kristin Pfeiffer - Deaf Ed, NHC RDSPD/Assessment Sylvia Sammons - Bilingual Evaluations, Bilingual Inclusion

Bilingual Assessment Specialists
Sylvia Baker Isamar Doria Patricia Gonzalez Maylin Martinez Maria Reta-Lopez Natalie Richardson

Psychology Staff

Dr. Marc Evans - LSSP Dr. Danielle Guttman-Lapin - LSSP Dr. Meredith Harris - LSSP - Post-Doctoral Fellow in School Psychology

Dr. Judith Johnson - LSSP

Dr. Erin Kitts - LSSP Dr. JT Lacy - LSSP

Dr. Verlynn Williams - LSSP

Technology Facilitators

Jason Glenewinkel - Application Developer/Database Administrator

Annaliesja Webb - Online Learning Coordinator

In-Home Trainer

Annette Easley