The officers of the Aldine ISD Police Department are responsible for investigation and enforcement of mandatory state attendance laws and repeated statutes. Texas Education Code section 25.093. PARENT CONTRIBUTING TO TRUANCY is filed against the parent/guardian.

The Aldine ISD Police Department has intensified its efforts of making home visits in an effort to minimize truancy problems. The contact by the officer allows the school and community to establish a common bond to provide a better environment for success. The parents are greatly appreciative of the school's effort to check on their child's whereabouts during school hours. These home visits provide the parents and the school district the opportunity for early intervention. The causes for a student's absence are multi-factored. Reasons range from illness to not having clothes to wear to school. By identifying the reasons for the absences we are able, in most cases, to address those needs by involving counselors, Community Youth Services workers, community organizations, etc. and get the student back in school. It is imperative that we continue to offer support services to families to ensure that we work together to meet the total needs of the child.

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