Supplier Code of Ethics

Supplier Code of Ethics

Purchasing activities within Aldine I.S.D. support the district's vision to produce the nation's best! Procurement activities may be conducted by Aldine's purchasing department and by some of its auxiliary departments. Aldine's purchasing activities support student achievement and district operations while striving to provide timely products and services in a competitive and efficient manner.

Preference may sometimes be given to purchasing cooperatives, state contracts, or inter-local agreements where products and services can be purchased via pre-established competitive contracts or via competitive quotes received from various co-operative entities.

Through its purchasing department, Aldine I.S.D. is committed to a procurement process that fosters fair and open competition, conducts business under the highest ethical standards and enjoys the confidence of the public. Purchasing professionals, as well as supplier stakeholders, must have a highly developed sense of professional ethics to protect their own and their organization's business activities and reputation. In order to strengthen ethical awareness and provide guidelines to its suppliers, Aldine's purchasing department promotes the following supplier code of ethics:

  • Competitive Nature
    • Quotations, bids, or proposals provided will be competitive , consistent and appropriate to the specifications or user requests.
    • Suppliers will not discuss, consult, collude with, or disclose its terms with other suppliers intending to compete on the same contracts or similar Aldine I.S.D. contracts for the purpose of limiting competition.
    • A supplier will not make any attempt to induce any individual or entity to submit or not to submit a competitive quote, bid, or proposal.
    • A supplier will completely perform any contract at the contract quoted price according to the terms set forth in the quotation or contract.
  • Supplier Performance
    • Aldine suppliers are expected to provide the highest level of ethics and service in all business facets which include categories such as products and services, delivery, administration, and customer service. Based on annual spend levels, suppliers are subject to formal evaluations.
    • Supplier records must properly, accurately and fairly record all financial transactions with Aldine I.S.D. in the supplier's finance system or the supplier's appropriate ledgers.
    • A supplier will submit timely, accurate and appropriate invoices for goods and/or services performed under the contract.
    • A supplier s hall not engage in unscrupulous practices and misrepresentations; recognizing that mutually profitable business relations are based upon honesty and fair dealings.
    • Supplier and representatives s hall be courteous, considerate, prompt, and businesslike with those whom they deal including employers, employees, suppliers, and the general public.
    • A supplier shall m ake every reasonable effort to negotiate an equitable and mutually agreeable settlement of any problems with Aldine I.S.D.
  • Gifts To Public Servants
    • School district officials and employees cannot accept anything of value from a vendor, such as personal gifts or gratuities, which may be construed to have been given to influence the purchasing process.
    • Therefore, suppliers are strongly urged to exercise great caution before offering any gift to Aldine employees regardless of the gift's monetary value, particularly when a decision or act which may affect that supplier stakeholder has been made or will be made in close proximity to the time of the gift.