Worksite Postings


Required Employer Worksite Notices

I.  Notices for Employees - post in prominent places such as employee workrooms, or lounges; cafeteria offices and custodial offices  
  1. Federal Work-Site Posting for Texas Public Employees (English and Spanish); Request from Risk Management

     b.   Know Your Rights Under the Recovery Act  (Whistleblower)

     c.   State Work-Site Postings for Texas Public Employers      
           (English and Spanish); Request from Risk Management 

     d.   Notice of Pest Control Treatment 
           If you do not have this notice for your location by October   
           15th, please contact Buildings & Properties, 281-985-6265

     e.   Student Code of Conduct (campuses only)
           Must be displayed at each campus or made available for     
           review at the principal's office  


II.  Notices to Employees and Visitors - post at all entrances to facilities unless otherwise noted.  
  1. Concealed Handguns Prohibited (campuses only); (English and Spanish); Request from Risk Management

  2. Smoking Prohibited  Request window decals from Risk Management; or,  Click here to print Smoking Prohibited notice.
  3. Notice of rights and responsibilities under the Texas Public Information Act (Central Office only)

            Click here for English poster

            Click here for Spanish poster

     d.   Notice of rights and protection regarding access to services,  
           programs or activities (Nondiscrimination)

           Click here to print notice 

     e.   Visitors Must Sign in at Front Office and receive a visitor’s 
           pass (Aldine requirement).

           Printable Version

III. Posting for Emergency Medical Service Employees (law enforcement officers only) 
  1. Notice Regarding Certain Work-Related Communicable Diseases and Eligibility for Workers’ Compensation in Texas (English and Spanish), DWC- Notice 9.

     Click here to print notice


IV.  Postings for Applicants 
  1. Equal Employment Opportunity is the Law (must be displayed where applications are received - Human Resources)

    Click here to print notice


V.  Checklist  
  1. Worksite Posting Checklist

        Click here to print Checklist