Each year, Aldine ISD honors the Campus Teachers of the Year. And as always, the Teacher of the Year Committee had the difficult task of selecting the two District Teachers of the Year from a group of dedicated educators who have demonstrated passion, drive and excellence in teaching. This year, the committee named Eva Lanczos and Kathleen Flores (pictured to the right, l-r) Secondary Teacher of the Year and Elementary/Intermediate Teacher of the Year, respectively. Please take a moment to read their teaching philosophies and those of the other talented 72 educators to gain a little insight into how they interact with their students to guide them to learn and how they and their students engage with each other with course material.

Elementary & Intermediate Teacher of the Year

Hinojosa EC/PK Center

Hinojosa EC PK Kathy Flores

Kathleen Flores

The following quote by Gene Kranz, flight director for Apollo 13, best summarizes my teaching philosophy: We don’t fail. Failure is inconceivable in our work. Every day when I approach my classroom, students and families, my goal is success for all. I need to prepare and educate the whole child and his or her family. As I enter my classroom and prepare for those that follow, I want to be sure that everyone feels welcome and safe at all times.

Secondary Teacher of the Year

MacArthur High School

MacArthur HS Eva Lanczos

Eva Lanczos

My dedication to the teaching profession is fueled by my belief in the power of mutual love and respect among students, parents, and teachers. I take pride in knowing my students and strive to foster lasting relationships with them and their families. Recognizing educational inequalities and promoting equality for the less fortunate is my passion. It is never too late to show students the power of knowledge and love. Getting up every morning excited to go to work is just an added bonus.

Elementary & Intermediate Level

Eckert Intermediate School

Eckert Intermediate Christopher Ceaser

Christopher M. Ceaser

Becoming a great teacher is the fruit of striving to become the greatest student. It’s a constant state of humility. My teaching purpose is fulfilled in helping others shine brighter. Simplify information so that thoughts and questions manifest into actions and answers. The extras are always a necessity…. My goal is to help youth pursue excellence. So I plan to influence the minds, the physiques, the demeanors, the potential – the lives – of youth! I’m ecstatic about the teaching process!

Sammons Elementary School

Sammon Elementary Kimberly Harris

Kimberly Harris

Although it is an intricate part of education, teaching goes beyond core subjects and standardized tests. It is a lifelong learning process where teachers guide students toward their future career. Therefore, inspiring students is integral to ensuring their success and encouraging them to fulfill their potential. I take to heart the phrase from an unknown author that states, “A good teacher is like a candle-it consumes itself to light the way for others.”

Secondary Level

Grantham Academy

Grantham Academy Patrick James

Patrick James

As educators, we are teaching, educating and mentoring. Teaching is a craft that many work hard to develop and hone into something magnificent. Teaching is a lot like music. When you remove the genres of music the main goal is to entertain, to touch the lives of those listening, and to somehow relate to the consumer on some level. My goal in teaching is to educate, touch the lives of those listening, and somehow relate to the students on some level.

Nimitz High School

Nimitz HS Ashley Yancy

Ashley N. Yancy

Teaching is an art, a science, a craft that must be must be honed to perfect. At a teacher’s fingertips exists the power to change the lives of so many individuals. Teaching is a huge responsibility filled with endless opportunities. An outstanding teacher seeks to provide these opportunities for today’s youth. A teacher must believe everyone has the potential to succeed, to achieve, and to accomplish great goals. I am a teacher because I believe in every child’s potential to succeed.

Campus Teachers of the Year

Aldine Middle School

Aldine Middle Kevin Banks

Kevin J. Banks

My teaching philosophy is to develop independent, critical thinkers who are creative problem solvers and effective communicators. I feel that teaching is a profession with great responsibilities and infinite rewards. The rewards are immeasurable due to the unforeseen impact that one makes on the future of students. Like planting seeds that grow into trees that scatter additional seeds, teaching provides incalculable opportunities to positively affect other human beings.

Aldine Ninth Grade School

Aldine Ninth Charity Draper

Charity Draper

When children are little, we ask them questions like, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” They give wonderful answers like: president. As kids mature their answers become less adventurous. As teachers it is our responsibility to help students maintain that confidence and sense of adventure in all things imaginable. It is our job as teachers to not only prepare students for the future that awaits them but also to help them realize that everything they ever imagined is attainable.

Aldine High School

Aldine High Candice Callicott

Candice Callicott

You can be the smartest person in the world, but not everyone can teach. Teachers must have a big heart, an unwavering belief in what has to be done, the ability to teach, and the attitude that they can do the job to make a difference in students’ lives. Each day, I must find a way to break through my students’ fears of math while rebuilding their self-confidence and their math abilities. Each student must realize that he or she can be successful even when faced with the most daunting tasks.

Anderson Academy

Anderson Academy Leslie Hobley-Dever

Leslie Hobley-Dever

Teachers must provide a welcoming environment that embraces a holistic approach. A classroom must foster a climate that provides children with experiences that facilitate both academic and social development. My classroom embraces cultural diversity and activities that are conducive to creative expression and fulfillment of achievement cycles. And I challenge students every day to become critical thinkers, problem solvers, and successful lifelong learners.

Bethune Academy

Bethune Academy Esmeralda Rocha

Esmeralda Rocha

Good teachers instill a love of learning by demonstrating how and when to apply lessons to real life. They also teach students how to explore the world around them. I believe it is necessary to adjust my teaching style to accommodate and meet the needs of all the students in my classroom. It is my responsibility as their educator to facilitate learning in order for them to comprehend and enjoy every lesson.

Black Elementary School

Black Elementary Alejandro Urquides

Alejandro Urquides

I tell my students, “If you are not willing to learn, no one can help you. If you are determined to learn, no one can stop you.” Determination is the key to success for all students. A child may not have the skill or the gift to do something he or she likes, but he or she can always learn and improve with practice. My goal is that they find pleasure in learning while increasing their knowledge, confidence and success. These are skills that will help them become successful as adults.

Bussey Elementary School

Bussey Elementary Mireida Perez

Mireida Pérez

I believe that each child is a unique individual who needs a secure and caring environment in which to grow intellectually. As an educator I strive to provide an environment that promotes learning by teaching through the use of various techniques and setting high expectations. Having consistency in the classroom and good classroom management provides students with the tools needed to succeed.

Calvert Elementary School

Calvert Elementary Melodie Kroll

Melodie Kroll

I believe that every student can learn and that an effective teacher can reach every student. I strive to make my classroom a safe environment where my students can explore and learn without fear of making a mistake. Independence is taught and expected inside my classroom. I believe in a variety of hands-on activities and lots of action on the part of the students. They learn by doing. If they make a mistake, we try again. If they make a mess, they clean it up. No worries!

Caraway Intermediate School

Caraway Intermediate Francheska Price

Francheska M. Price

I believe that all students can learn. Every one of them has been given a unique ability to be whatever they want and to achieve whatever they desire. It is the educator’s job to pull out of students the “gold,” which is that invaluable object that promotes success. We do this by uplifting each student and celebrating each child’s uniqueness. When children understand their value, there is no limit to how far they can go!

Carmichael Elementary School

Carmichael Elementary Bryant Johnson

Bryant C. Johnson

I am a firm believer that all children should have the right to learn and be able to express themselves in a nurturing and safe environment. My classroom is a caring, safe, and equitable environment where each child can blossom and grow. I teach children to become responsible members of our classroom community by using strategies such as class meetings, positive discipline, and democratic principles. In return, they learn to become responsible, contributing members of society.

Carroll Academy

Carroll Elementary Rebecca Garcia

Rebeca García

I believe that in order to impact a diverse student population I must be an effective teacher by using a combination of learning styles so that the students and I can work together in making class enjoyable and comfortable. I like to motivate and direct students while maintaining their interest level and recognizing their achievements. I believe that time spent teaching is never lost for all teachers can influence someone.

Carter Academy

Carter Academy Donna Bui

Donna Bui

I believe that teaching is a lifelong learning process. Each and every day educators learn new techniques and strategies to teach. Educators are presented with a unique community of learners that all vary not only in their abilities but also in their learning styles. It is my job to create an atmosphere where students can develop a love of learning.

Carver High School

Carver High Regidor Tanig

Regidor Tanig

The first time a challenging student said “thank you” solidified my teaching philosophy. If you keep offering students opportunities to succeed, the ones who really want to, regardless of how they act in class, will rise to meet your expectations.


COMPASS Marcie Straud

Marcie Straud

The reality of a student struggling with basic language skills forms the core of my teaching philosophy. It is the teacher’s responsibility to find each student’s learning style to ensure the most effective means of teaching. Successful teachers enjoy what they do, they take every opportunity to connect, they make a difference and they have fun! Teachers must learn to seize the day!

Conley Elementary School

Conely Elementary David George

David George

I believe that the main goal of education is to enrich the lives of students while producing critical thinkers and lifelong learners who are, most importantly, socially responsible. Education is about teaching students, not subjects. It is about engaging students in their learning and maximizing the potential of each and every child. Education is about providing students with opportunities to be challenged and still succeed. Teachers must push kids further than they have ever gone before.

Davis High School

Davis High Amber Pickens

Amber D. Pickens

Since becoming a teacher, I realized a lot of what we do as educators doesn’t necessarily exist in a book nor is it told to you upon graduating from college. Teaching has to come from the heart and educators must have a genuine passion in order to truly meet the needs of each individual student. Teaching is a learning process. I’ve discovered that effective teaching is the result of trial and error, but it’s all worth it when you see the “light bulb” flash for a student who finally “gets it.”

de Santiago EC/PK Center

de Santiago Rana Martin

Rana A. Martin

Students can be motivated to learn if they are in an environment that is comforting and non-judgmental. My students come from different backgrounds and often have multiple challenges. But we all have something to learn from each other, and I hope to help students be successful learners. I challenge and guide my students to give me their best effort. I am so proud to be a teacher. Every day I am rewarded when my students walk in with smiling faces ready to see what the day has in store for us.

Drew Academy

Drew Academy Kindall Tyson

Kindall Tyson

My mission is to be a facilitator for students in their acquisition of knowledge, social skills, and success. In order for these goals to be realized, I believe that students must undergo a “paradigm shift” in mentality, an enlightenment process in their thinking, and a total shift in focus to begin making the positive strides toward their individual success. When a student makes the decision to be successful, hard work, sacrifice, and determination will ensue.

Dunn Elementary School

Dunn Elementary Yolanda Bevil

Yolanda Bevil

Good teachers work hard and are willing to do whatever is necessary to help every student achieve success. I love the moment when a student who has lost every bit of confidence is willing to give it one more try because of my encouragement. I love the moment when I see the recognition of understanding appear in their eyes. No matter how many moments of frustration I experience, the moment of success with a child is the sweetest success there is. Each student’s success is my reward.

Eisenhower Ninth Grade School

Eisenhower Ninth Corey Williams

Corey T. Williams

In my experience, I found that many students believe that learning math is impossible and irrelevant. I strongly believe that students can learn how to tackle any math problem if they are given opportunities to see how math is used in real-world situations.

Eisenhower High School

Eisenhower High Amber McMunn

Amber McMunn

Because I teach government, I think of my teaching philosophy in political terms: I am a campaign manager. The job of a political campaign manager is to get candidates elected. My job is to facilitate student learning and to help students become educated, effective and responsible citizens. In order to run a successful campaign (class), I try to create a classroom conducive to learning, where students can be engrossed in a subject, expand their knowledge, and respect others’ opinions.

Ermel Elementary School

Ermel Elementary Erik Torres

Erik Torres

My teaching philosophy is simple: build relationships.

Escamilla Intermediate School

Escamilla Intermediate Alicia Stamps

Alicia Stamps

My educational philosophy clearly aligns with John Dewey’s progressivism approach to instruction. I am an educator who realizes students spend more waking hours with me; therefore I have a great commission to fulfill. Each student receives a safe environment for learning independently and cooperatively. I also provide rigorous instruction to promote critical thinking. And I strive to be a patient teacher who cares about educating the whole child.

Francis Elementary School

Francis Elementary Rosylyn Bowen

Rosylyn Bowen

Although there are guidelines, there is no one formula or correct way in which to become an effective teacher. Each day that a teacher enters the classroom he or she will face many challenges. One of those challenges is determining how to best facilitate learning for all children. Just as there is no one formula to becoming an effective teacher, there is no one best approach to teach or educate students. We must deliver content to students in a way that they can understand and retain.

García-Leza EC/PK Center

Garcia Leza EC PK Breanna Kaiser

Breanna Kaiser

I teach students they are safe, valued, and loved. This environment is the foundation of all learning experiences. It is also important for students to realize the purpose of their learning and to make connections to real-life experiences. This combination of building relationships and identifying purpose for learning creates students who naturally want to perform. Students are self-motivated because they are recognized for their growth and improvement rather than their level of achievement.

Goodman Elementary School

Goodman Elementary Pablo Salas

Pablo Salas

Each child is a unique individual who needs a secure and stimulating atmosphere in which to grow and mature emotionally, physically and socially. Information is available everywhere. We are facing even more fluctuating challenges than we ever have before. While technology can augment learning, it can never replace teachers or human interaction. Education is an ongoing project that is checked constantly with the goal to educate, motivate and inspire students to value lifelong learning.

Gray Elementary School

Gray Elementary Christina Burggraf

Christina M. Burggraf

Teachers have one of the hardest careers. I truly believe that teachers are not made but are born. I come from a long line of educators who instilled me with a great passion to teach today’s youth. Teaching for me is about being opened-minded, modeling for students, continuing my education and researching best practices. Teaching requires developing a relationship with all students and maintaining constant parent communication. Honestly, teaching has been the most challenging, rewarding career.

Hall Center for Education

Hall Education Center Alyssa Amsoff

Alyssa Amshoff

An educator’s job is to facilitate learning through student-centered lessons. Educators should teach skills and procedures to enable students to learn on their own and should also show students how learning can be fun and interesting. This creates independent learners who will utilize these skills in college and the workplace. It also fosters lifelong learners who enjoy learning because they want to and not because they have to.

Hambrick Middle School

Hambrick Middle Christine Falzon

Christine Falzon

Through the history content I teach, I am able to become a storyteller of opportunity. My students connect with historical figures and the hardships they faced to create a better today for all of us. They hear of the millions of lives sacrificed for our freedom and the countless people who fought for change that they so desperately believed in. It is crucial that our youth decide what legacy they will leave behind on this world and be provided with the opportunities to get there.

Harris Academy

Harris Academy Tamara Butler

Tamara Gipson

Every person has the potential and capacity to surpass the norm but such an achievement is not without enormous effort and great sacrifice. Accomplished educators are those who have pushed themselves through sacrifices and struggles in order to achieve greatness. Part of our profession is to be willing to do whatever it takes to meet students’ needs. My mission is accomplished when I know that I have reached a student and have made a difference in his or her life.

Hill Intermediate School

Hill Intermediate Kendra Jacobsen

Kendra Jacobsen

The importance of a good education was modeled in my own experience. From kindergarten through my senior year in high school, I was given good instruction by teachers who cared about my success. I knew that even though I was only with them for one year, their time and energy were devoted to my classmates and me. Through triumphs and challenges, I practice that same philosophy each year. The success of my students is important to me, so I will do whatever I can to help them achieve it.

Hoffman Middle School

Hoffman Middle Kaneshia Moore

Kaneshia Moore

Building positive relationships with the students and creating a hassle-free learning zone increases opportunity for student success. I strive to be an outstanding classroom teacher by dividing my focus between relationships and education. When my students see me as a person who cares about their success and not just a teacher, many new avenues open for learning. There is no greater reward than witnessing the students setting and accomplishing their own goals.

Houston Academy

Houston Academy Gwendolyn Lockett

Gwendolyn Adams Lockett

I exist as an educator to prepare future leaders both academically and socially to compete in a global economy. I always encourage my students to do their very best at everything. I believe that outstanding teachers should inspire children to love learning as much as they love teaching. I instill in my students that education is a journey, not a race. I realize that I have the opportunity to prepare young people to become responsible, respectful, and productive citizens in our society.

Johnson Elementary School

Johnson Elementary Yolanda Cruz

Yolanda Cruz

Effective educators must have the passion and desire to teach! They should provide the students with a wide range of instructional strategies that will meet the needs of all students. Every child learns differently and educators should strive to find the best ways to teach each student. Building positive relationships with parents, teachers, and students has a great impact on children’s education. Outstanding teachers know the students’ backgrounds to better understand and to help them succeed.

Jones EC/PK/K Center

Jones EC PK Cinthya B. Ramirez

Cinthya Bustamante Ramírez

I love being a teacher. I was predestined for it! Teaching is a demanding career that is truly a labor of love. Teachers wear so many hats in order to meet students’ needs and to help them be successful. My classroom is their first educational experience for many of my students. It is vital to celebrate any growth they achieve to build a strong foundation and instill in them a lifetime love of learning. Every day my students inspire me to teach and to continue learning.

Jones Elementary

Jones Elementary Sarah Warne

Sarah Warne

Over the years, I have experienced that all children have a desire to learn and can learn as long as they are given the opportunity. An outstanding teacher is passionate about teaching and is not afraid to step out of the box. Small group instruction and creative products are necessary to help students succeed. Inclusion of all students in my classroom helps build a strong rapport between the students and teacher that encourages all students to accomplish their academic goals.

Keeble EC/PK Center