History fair participation helps students develop essential critical thinking skills.

Nimitz High School student Brent Vela heads to nationals after placing first at the state competition. Four of the six AISD projects headed to National History Day are from Nimitz High School.


[dropcap color=”#888″ type=”square”]M[/dropcap]ore than 1,000 students from across Texas convened at the University of Texas in Austin on May 2 to compete in [icons icon_name=”icon-external-link” icon_size=”14px”]Texas History Day. After placing in either first or second place, approximately 60 students from across the state advanced to compete at [icons icon_name=”icon-external-link” icon_size=”14px”]National History Day this summer. Twenty-one of the students are from Aldine ISD. It is safe to say that the students are ecstatic. They and the six AISD projects head to the national event set for June 13-18 at the University of Maryland-College Park.

This year’s theme is “Leadership & Legacy in History.”

At the 2015 state event, AISD had 86 students compete with 36 different projects. AISD students showed they are history buffs. A total of 16 AISD projects advanced to the final round of the state competition.

Deborah Johnson is proud of the students and teachers involved. She serves as program director of secondary social studies.


Texas History Day — AISD Outstanding Regional History Day Winners

I am excited that 44 percent of the AISD projects advanced to the final round,” Johnson said. “This is impressive. It says a lot about the hard work our students put into the projects. And I have to praise the history teachers too. They have dedicated time to guiding students on their long-term projects. The 21 students headed to nationals did an incredible job.

Gwendolyn Lockett lauds the number of junior level projects that shined at the state event. Locket serves as program director of elementary and intermediate social studies.

We had a total of nine middle and intermediate campuses represented in the final round,” Lockett said. “I could not be more proud of the students and the teachers. We had two senior level and two junior level projects earn special awards. I believe History Day has a bright future in Aldine ISD.

Studying history is essential. It helps students gain a better understanding of people and societies.

National-History-Day-2015-Theme-Logo-2National History Day students also learn to dig deep in their research. The program challenges students to conduct inquiry. They develop research skills, analytical thinking, literacy skills and creative expression. Aldine ISD social studies program directors encourage students to take part in NHD. The constant honing of skills [icons icon_name=”icon-external-link” icon_size=”14px”]helps students be successful.

Every year, students compete in [icons icon_name=”icon-external-link” icon_size=”14px”]district, [icons icon_name=”icon-external-link” icon_size=”14px”]regional and state events with the hope of advancing to [icons icon_name=”icon-external-link” icon_size=”14px”]nationals.

Congratulations to all who placed at the state event. And good luck to everyone who advanced to the national competition!

AISD Projects Headed to National History Day 2015

1st Place @ Texas History Day in Senior Individual Documentary
Project: “Heal the Man, Heal the Land: Roosevelt’s Legacy Through the Civilian Conservation Corps”
Student: Brent Vela
Campus: Nimitz High School
Sponsor: Barbi Binnig


Parker Intermediate School — Heather Omoruyi, Hannah Omoruyi, Angelina Caballero & Alessandra Segovia

1st Place @ Texas History Day in Senior Group Documentary
Project: “Mr. Houston: A Legacy as Big as The Lone Star State”
Students: Thalía Durán, Tomás Gonzales, Gabriel Sánchez, Gerardo Salazar & Edith Hernández
Campus: Nimitz High School
Sponsor: Barbi Binnig

1st Place @ Texas History Day in Senior Group Website
Project: “Wild Bill Donovan: Leader of American Espionage”
Students: Makayla Jefferson, Gabriel Guzmán, Sayfaldin Thabit, Billy Toledo & Natalie Garza
Campus: Nimitz High School
Sponsor: Barbi Binnig


MacArthur Ninth Grade School — Denisse Córdova

1st Place @ Texas History Day in Junior Group Documentary
Project: “Leadership and Legacy: Malala Yousafzai”
Students: Heather Omoruyi, Hannah Omoruyi, Angelina Caballero & Alessandra Segovia Maldonado
Campus: Parker Intermediate School
Sponsor: Molly Albers

2nd Place @ Texas History Day in Senior Individual Website
Project: “Narkompros: Lunacharsky and Soviet Education”
Student: Denisse Córdova
Campus: MacArthur Ninth Grade School
Sponsor: Charlotte Duff

2nd Place @ Texas History Day in Senior Group Performance
Project: “Confronting Castro’s Legacy”
Students: Bryan Lara, Leslie Marshall, Samuel Velos, Gerald Robinson & Héctor Salinas
Campus: Nimitz High School
Sponsor: Barbi Binnig

Special Awards Bestowed on AISD Students at Texas History Day


Nimitz HS — Bryan Lara, Leslie Marshall, Gerald Robinson, Héctor Salinas & Samuel Velos

Outstanding Senior Regional History Day Award
Senior Group Exhibit: “Thomas Nast and the Art of the Editorial Cartoon”
Students: Tamara Rangel, Hannah Guerrero, Lourdes Rodríguez, Génesis Muñoz & Kyisha Butcher
Campus: MacArthur High School

Texas Oral History Association Award
Senior Individual Documentary: “Heal the Man, Heal the Land: Roosevelt’s Legacy Through the Civilian Conservation Corps”
Student: Brent Vela
Campus: Nimitz High School

Ms. Willie Lee Gay Award for African American History
Junior Historical Paper: “Madam C J Walker: A Breakthrough”
Student: Kayelynn Dargans
Campus: Rayford Intermediate School

Outstanding Junior Regional History Day Award
Junior Group Exhibit: “George ‘Mickey’ Leland”
Students: Tatyana McClain, Beatriz Monterrubio, Tram Nguyen & Isabella Tejada
Campus: Shotwell Middle School

Top Three AISD Finalists in Final Round by Category

Texas-History-Day-Nimitz-Ninth-Grade-Students-Place-Third-Pix-With-Other-AISD-Students-63rd Place in Senior Group Exhibit
Project: “Thomas Nast and the Art of the Editorial Cartoon”
Students: Tamara Rangel, Hannah Guerrero, Lourdes Rodríguez, Génesis Muñoz & Kyisha Butcher
Campus: MacArthur High School

3rd Place in Senior Group Documentary
Project: “Bringing Together the Heart and the Land: The Leadership and Legacy of America’s Conscience … John Steinbeck”
Students: Maryam Memon, Jennifer Soriano, Gladys Berrera, Slade Smith & Gabriel Bevil
Campus: Nimitz Ninth Grade School

AISD Projects That Placed in the Top Nine of the Final Round

Junior Group Performance: “César Chávez”
Students: Jacinto de la Rosa & Eliab Castellán
Campus: Houston Academy

Texas-History-Day-Students-Advance-to-Nationals-9Junior Individual Performance: “Sojourner Truth: Her Leadership, Her Legacy”
Student: Laila Chinn
Campus: Reed Academy

Junior Group Exhibit: “George ‘Mickey’ Leland”
Students: Tatyana McClain, Beatriz Monterrubio, Tram Nguyen & Isabella Tejada
Campus: Shotwell Middle School

Junior Individual Website: “William Randolph Hearst: Power to the Press”
Student: Devanny Jiménez
Campus: Stovall Middle School

Junior Group Website: “Oveta Culp Hobby”
Students: Jillian Nguyen, Nicolás Gonzales, John Castañeda, Samantha Salazar & Elizabeth Manriquez
Campus: Lewis Middle School

Texas-History-Day-Pix-10Senior Group Performance: “Mary Tape: Paving the Way for Chinese-American Education”
Students: Adrián Zaldivar, Jesús Llanas, Luiz Jiménez, Shivani Patel & Guadalupe Hernández
Campus: MacArthur High School

Senior Group Exhibit: “Architecture of the Ages”
Students: Carolina Chala, Brianna García, Iván Ortiz, Judit Urrea Santos & Hanna Medina
Campus: Nimitz High School

Senior Group Website: “Eugene V. Debs: The Father of American Socialism”
Students: Flor García, José Delgado & Ariel Velásquez
Campus: MacArthur High School

AISD Campuses Represented in the Final Round of State Competition

Junior Level

National-History-Day-Image-BHambrick Middle School
Houston Academy
Lewis Middle School
Parker Intermediate School
Rayford Intermediate School
Reed Academy
Shotwell Middle School
Stovall Middle School
Teague Middle School

Senior Level

National-History-Day-Image-ACarver High School
MacArthur Ninth Grade School
MacArthur High School
Nimitz Ninth Grade School
Nimitz High School