The Award recognizes the District’s outstanding 2017 contributions from students in grades PreK-12.

Aldine ISD students earned numerous honors at the 2017 SPA and Wells Fargo Student Contest. Ruby Chávez’s “Cheesecake” placed third in her division.

[dropcap color=”#888″ type=”square”]S[/dropcap]tudents got a chance to cook up an artistic composition. They had to answer one question: How does Houston taste to you?

The Society for the Performing Arts (SPA) recently announced the winners of the [icons icon_name=”icon-external-link” icon_size=”14px”]19th Annual Wells Fargo Student Art Contest. Not only did students earn individual honors, their talent earned Aldine the District Award.


“Food for Everyone” by Snow White

The 2017 contest theme drew inspiration from Houston’s artistic, cultural and culinary diversity. For the last 50 years, SPA has celebrated our great city by bringing the world’s best to Houston.

This city is a melting pot of international cultures and ethnicities. Nowhere is that incredible diversity represented better than in Houston’s culinary scene.

More than 640 students submitted artwork from across the area. Each year, students compete in their respective grade level division.

Fifteen Aldine ISD students in prekindergarten through 12th grade earned individual awards. Students won many top three wins and honorable mention honors. AISD students also earned three special awards from the judges.


“The Big Donut” by Omarion Rivers

The number of outstanding works from AISD in the 2017 contest did not go unnoticed and judges. The panel of judges bestowed Aldine with the District Award.

Visit the [icons icon_name=”icon-external-link” icon_size=”14px”]SPA website to view all the winning works and the exhibition schedule. Winners include Aldine, Houston, Katy, Spring Branch, Alvin, Alief, Humble, Pasadena, Conroe, Liberty and Cypress Fairbanks. 

AISD Winning Artwork

Division Pre-K

“The Fair” by Stovall Academy

2nd Place: Snow White
Artwork: Food for Everyone
Campus: Kujawa Early Childhood/PreK Center

3rd Place: Omarion Rivers
Artwork: The Big Donut
Campus: Reece Academy

Division A, Grades K-2

2nd Place: Katherine Grant
Artwork: The Fair
Campus: Stovall Academy


“The Dish of the Lobster” by Eduardo Torres

3rd Place: Eduardo Torres
Artwork: The Dish of the Lobster
Campus: Carter Academy

Honorable Mention: Gabriel Parajes
Artwork: Lemon Squeezy
Campus: Carroll Academy

Division B, Grades 3-5

Honorable Mention: Lesley Castillo
Artwork: Black and White Tux
Campus: Hill Intermediate School

Division C, Grades 6-8

Honorable Mention: Alberto Reyes-Gómez
Artwork: Space Taco
Campus: Lewis MS


“Lemon Squeezy” by Gabriel Parajes

Honorable Mention: Aimee Mahindaratne
Artwork: The 4th Largest Cupcake
Campus: Hambrick MS

Division D, Grades 9-11

2nd Place: Ruby Chávez
Artwork: Cheesecake
Campus: MacArthur HS

Honorable Mention: Pablo Hernández Juárez
Artwork: Patty Melt
Campus: Eisenhower HS

Division E, Grade 12

3rd Place: Katerina Vásquez
Artwork: Donut Decades
Campus: MacArthur HS


“Black and White Tux” by Lesley Castillo

Honorable Mention: Adrián Alfaro
Artwork: A Little Taste of Houston
Campus: Eisenhower HS

SPA Board of Directors Selection Award
Student: Graciela Andrade
Artwork: Cultural Foods
Campus: Shotwell MS

SPA Staff Selection Award
Student: Moisés García
Artwork: Flamin’ Hot
Campus: Carver HS

SPA Program Cover Selection
Student: Ana Cahuantzi
Artwork: La Marketa
Campus: MacArthur HS

Congratulations on Concocting Fabulous Culinary-Inspired Art!


“Space Taco” by Alberto Reyes-Gómez


“The 4th Largest Cupcake” by Aimee Mahindaratne


“Cultural Foods” by Graciela Andrade


“A Little Taste of Houston” by Adrián Alfaro


“Patty Melt” by Pablo Hernández Juárez


“Donut Decades” by Katerina Vásquez


“Cheesecake” by Ruby Chávez


“Flamin’ Hot” by Moisés García


“La Marketa” by Ana Cahuantzi