The brightest young historians from around the world compete for monetary prizes and scholarships.

Two projects from Shotwell MS advanced to National History Day 2017. Keilly Irlas-Flores, Eva Dávila, Tiffany Martínez and Christina Duong are in Maryland. They are competing in the Junior Group Exhibit.

[dropcap color=”#888″ type=”square”]A[/dropcap]ldine ISD students are at the University of Maryland-College Park June 11-15. They are competing for top honors at the Annual National History Day Contest.

Each year, more than half a million students create historical research projects. They can choose one of five categories: documentaries, exhibits, papers, performances, or websites.

Nearly 70,000 students across Texas took part at the local level during the 2016-2017 school year. The students advanced to nationals after winning [icons icon_name=”icon-external-link” icon_size=”14px”]the top two places at the Texas State Historical Association’s competition.

The national level contest sees nearly 3,000 students from around the world compete. They vie to see who has the best history research and presentation skills. 

AISD Projects Competing @ NHD 2017

Nimitz HS

Student — Victor Wang
Category: Senior Individual Website
Project — A Stand in the Skies: Air Traffic Controllers
Teacher — Barbi Binnig

Student — Carolina Chala
Category: Senior Individual Exhibit
Project — A Stand in the Borderlands
Teacher — Barbi Binnig

Students — Gladys Barrera, Heidy Godoy, Vyanca Carter, Judit Urrea & Elvis Laniez
Category: Senior Group Website
Project — He Stood Against Them All: H. L. Mencken
Teacher — Barbi Binnig

Students — Brianna García, Abigail Tack, Iván Huerta, Celeste Carter & Isaiah Thomas
Category: Senior Group Exhibit
Project — Defender of the Everglades
Teacher — Barbi Binnig

Students — Edith Hernández, Jackie Hernández, Jennifer Soriana, Ángel Martínez & Andrés Rendón
Category: Senior Group Performance
Project — The Stand of the Sisters
Teacher — Barbi Binnig

Lewis MS

Students — Michael Ávila, Anna de la Cuesta & Hannah Omoruyi
Category: Junior Group Documentary
Project — Women of Liberia’s Mass Action for Peace
Teacher — LaShel Jackson

Shotwell MS

Student — Karen Córdova
Category: Junior Individual Exhibit
Project — The Children’s Crusade of 1963
Teacher — Monica Blackshire

Students — Keilly IrlasFlores, Eva Dávila, Tiffany Martínez & Christina Duong
Category: Junior Group Exhibit
Project — Mamie Till: The Refusal to be Silenced
Teacher — Monica Blackshire

PBS Interviews Aldine ISD Students


Karen Córdova

The PBS history series American Experience is filming the NHD 2017 contest. American Experience selected two projects from Aldine ISD to form part of an episode. PBS chose the AISD students and others for their exceptional work on their projects. 

American Experience interviewed Karen Córdova from Shotwell MS on June 12. The PBS series posted a short video of the interview that same day on Twitter.

According to a TSHA press release, the second project from Shotwell MS was also chosen. Keilly Irlas-Flores, Eva Dávila, Tiffany Martínez and Christina Duong comprise the group. American Experience will interview them later this week.

2017 NHD Theme


Dr. Cathy Gorn

The 2017 theme for the contest is Taking a Stand in History. Students will be presenting projects about positions that people have taken throughout history.

Since 1974, National History Day has been taking a stand for history education,” said NHD Executive Director Dr. Cathy Gorn. “Every year, we engage thousands of students in historical research and critical thinking. It is wonderful to see so many students engaged and interested in history.”

Award-Winning Documentary Filmmaker Ken Burns Kicks Off NHD 2017

Ken Burns addressed students on June 11. He spoke of his own experience telling the stories of history. Burns also offered encouragement to the anxious students before judging began. Burns’ upcoming film, The Vietnam War, will premiere on PBS on September 17, 2017.


Ken Burns at NHD 2017.

We think the challenges we face are unique to our time,” said Burns. “But as these students know, history provides us with a way to understand not just the past but the very challenges we face.

Throughout our countrys history, people have taken a stand on a widerange of issues to facilitate change, frequently to ensure that our country was living up to its values. Studying these stands is helpful, and Id add reassuring, during these tumultuous times.”

The Competition & Live-Streamed Awards Ceremony

On June 12 and 13, students will present their projects to judging panels. Highest ranked entries will make it to a final round that takes place June 13 and 14. The Awards Ceremony will take place June 15 at the Xfinity Center on the university.

The top entries in each category can win any number of honors. Visit the NHS webpage for a full list of all special prizes. Visit the [icons icon_name=”icon-external-link” icon_size=”14px”]NHS webpage for a full list of all special prizes.

The Awards Ceremony will be live-streamed on June 15 from 8:30 a.m. to 12 p.m. on [icons icon_name=”icon-external-link” icon_size=”14px”]

Following the ceremony, NHD will announce the awards via social media and post on [icons icon_name=”icon-external-link” icon_size=”14px”]

Congrats and Good Luck at NHD 2017!