Of the 616 AISD student works submitted, 96% received top marks for exemplary achievement. 

A few Aldine ISD students show off their works at Regional VASE.

The Texas Art Education Association event known as Visual Arts Scholastic Event (VASE) recognizes exemplary student achievement in the visual arts.

Students from Aldine ISD high schools and ninth grade centers took part in Region 4N VASE event held at Klein Collins High School in February. They entered 616 student artworks.

Aldine-ISD-Carver-HS-LaJasha-Champion-2018-Regional-VASE-Image-17Adjudication included the quality of the students’ artworks as well as the ability to talk about their pieces. The interview part accounted for one-third of the total score while the artwork counted as two-thirds of the final score.

According to Dr. Michaelann Kelley, 96 percent of AISD artworks received top marks.  A total of 63 percent earned a “Superior” rating of 4; 33 percent received an “Excellent” rating of 3. Kelley is program director of fine arts.

The Regional Event also serves as the Area Event and the selection of the State finalists. Regional artworks that received a 4 Rating were juried again, by a select group of designated jurors, to determine the Area finalists. No artwork with a rating less than a 4 Rating qualifies for the Area event.

Twenty-nine AISD student artworks in the Area event qualified to compete at the State VASE.

The state competition set for April 27-28 in San Marcos.

Aldine ISD Students Headed to State VASE

Carver HS for Engineering, Applied Technology & The Arts

Aldine-ISD-Student-MacArthur-HS-Javier-Chavez-Escobedo-2018-Regional-VASEStudent: Jada S. Menifee
Artwork: Family Delta
Teacher: Matthew Kirkpatrick

Student: Bishop J. Pearsall
Artwork: Licorice
Teacher: Matthew Kirkpatrick

Student: La’Jasha Champion
Artwork: Luminous
Teacher: Laura Luna

Davis HS

Student: Huan Tran
Artwork: Controlled Chaos
Teacher: Juan Vera

MacArthur HS

Student: Marjorie de León
Artwork: Honeycomb
Teacher: Tracy Harris

Student: Javier Chávez-Escobedo
Artwork: Brother
Teacher: Amber Quiroz

Student: Ruby Chávez
Artwork: Learning to Love Myself
Teacher: James Voss

Student: Ruby Chávez
Artwork: Be Yourself
Teacher: James Voss

Student: Joanna Galván
Artwork: I Am A#826338419
Teacher: James Voss


Student: Adrián León
Artwork: Tranquil Waters
Teacher: James Voss

Student: Alexis Pérez
Artwork: Bham!
Teacher: James Voss

Student: Moses Salinas
Artwork: I Am The Avian
Teacher: James Voss

Nimitz HS

Student: Nicole Jiménez
Artwork: Crystal Orchestra
Teacher: Leslie Rowney

Student: Ire Jones
Artwork: Healing Birds
Teacher: Leslie Rowney

Student: Isabel Martínez
Artwork: The Real You
Teacher: Leslie Rowney

Aldine-ISD-Nimitz-HS-Rowney-Student-Sara-Moya-2018-Regional-VASE-Image-1Student: Samantha G. Martínez
Artwork: Flowing Leaves
Teacher: Leslie Rowney

Student: Sara Moya
Artwork: 2017
Teacher: Leslie Rowney

Student: Sara Moya
Artwork: Spiral
Teacher: Leslie Rowney

Student: Isabel Rivas
Artwork: Topaz
Teacher: Leslie Rowney

Student: Sara Moya
Artwork: 2017
Teacher: Leslie Rowney

Student: Deanna Royal
Artwork: Jeremy
Teacher: Leslie Rowney

Student: Héctor Tórres
Artwork: Goddess of Love & War
Teacher: Leslie Rowney

Aldine-ISD-Nimitz-HS-Rowney-Student-Deanna-Royal-2018-Regional-VASE-Image-10Student: Lubianka Lanza
Artwork: Constellation
Teacher: Jorge Vásquez

Student: Joel Tovar
Artwork: Skulls and Roses
Teacher: Jorge Vásquez

Aldine Ninth Grade School

Student: Miguel Chacón
Artwork: Multi Folded Universe
Teacher: Tiffany Sims

Davis Ninth Grade School

Student: Anum Badat
Artwork: Wonder
Teacher: Chris Peel

Aldine-ISD-Nimitz-HS-Rowney-Student-Hector-Torres-2018-Regional-VASE-Image-9Student: Nikayla McIntyre
Artwork: Nikki The Bear
Teacher: Chris Peel

Student: Shellie Phan
Artwork: Mirror, Mirror
Teacher: Chris Peel

MacArthur Ninth Grade School

Student: Sarrthi Jasrotia
Artwork: Vision of Nature
Teacher: Claire Webb

Student: Daniela Ventura
Artwork: Reflection
Teacher: Claire Webb

Congratulations! And good luck at State VASE!

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