Simone Jarmon, language arts instructional coach at Worsham Elementary, was recently named the first-ever Prairie View A&M University We Teach Texas Leadership Fellow Scholarship recipient. 

The We Teach Texas Leadership program selects talented teachers who are invested in their schools and communities. The program then prepares them to be academic and administrative leaders. Jarmon is one of 11 We Teach Texas Leadership Fellows from the Texas A&M University System campuses across the state. Through We Teach Texas, she will have an opportunity to pursue a Master of Science degree in Educational Administration from Prairie View A&M University, attend a special chancellor’s conference and participate in an advisory committee. 

This program will also cover all of her tuition and fees. At the end of the program, she will be a certified administrator in Texas. 

“Ms. Jarmon blew us all away during her interview,” Dr. Michael McFraizer, Prairie View A&M Vice President of Administration and Interim Dean of Whitlowe R. Green College of Education said. “Her passion for students, innovative ideas, and the success she’s had with her students made her an ideal candidate for the program. We look forward to supporting her along the way.” 

The We Teach Texas program at Prairie View emphasizes the need for teachers to provide the best educational experience to students in underserved communities. Jarmon hopes to be a role model for students and show them what is possible through education.

“I believe that teaching is a service,” Jarmon said.  “Educators are servants and we are here to serve our students, parents, and communities. Strong, competent leaders in education are needed now more than ever.”

Jarmon explains her job is to build meaningful relationships and to provide a quality education that positively impacts all students and the community.  She is looking forward to developing her learning network and applauds Aldine for cultivating the spirit of community and collaboration beyond the walls of a classroom setting. In the spring, Jarmon was selected to teach at Worsham Elementary, an ACE Demonstration School. ACE Demonstration Schools bring the most accomplished educators to the most struggling schools. The program’s model is based on five pillars that, when implemented with fidelity, dramatically improve student outcomes.

“I’m truly honored to represent Aldine ISD as an emerging leader, a member of the Worsham ACE family and I’m happy to join the Prairie View family.” 

Over the years, Prairie View and Aldine ISD have developed a strong partnership to provide additional resources to both teachers and students. The partnership ensures that students are successful as they matriculate through the K-12 system.