Visit us! Parents can hear how their child is progressing. It’s also an excellent opportunity to see everything in action. Get an overview of the school culture, curriculum, and unique programs.

School Open House Night helps parents to stay informed about their children’s progress. The event also allows parents and teachers to continue to strengthen communication to ensure students have positive school experiences.

Open House Night is also an excellent opportunity to see everything in action. Parents will get an overview of school culture, teachers, curriculum, and unique programs.

Fall Open House Nights by Date

Please call your child’s school for specific times or visit the campus website for information (click).

  • September 24: Early Childhood/Prekindergarten/Kindergarten Schools
  • September 30: Ninth Grade Schools
  • October 1: Elementary Schools
  • October 2: High Schools
  • October 9: Middle Schools

What Parents Can Do to Prepare for Your Child’s School Open House

To make the most of open house night, talk to your children before the event and do a little research. Read any information sent home before the event.

At Open House Night, there is little time for a lengthy conversation. Read school policies and procedures beforehand if you have questions about these. Parents can find them posted online.
Review the state standards for your child’s grade level. This practice will give you an idea of what academics your child’s grade level is studying. If you have difficulty finding the standards, call the school or schedule a parent-teacher conference.

View curricula before the event. These are the adopted reading materials, activities, and items used to teach students. Some may be available online to view. If not, contact the campus or your child’s teacher to schedule a time to go over the curricula.

Due to limited time at Open House Night, focus on big-picture questions or general issues. Save individual student needs (i.e., academics, behavior) for a parent-teacher conference.

Topics to Discuss at School Open House

  • Find out your child’s schedule (i.e., lunch, recess).
  • Learn how to best contact the teacher.
  • Update your contact information.
  • Ask about volunteer opportunities at the school.
  • Learn about classroom expectations.
  • Learn how to support your child’s learning at home.
  • Find out about homework expectations.
  • Ask about special upcoming events.

Questions Not to Ask at Open House

It’s important to remember that your child’s teacher wants to cover a lot of information with all the parents. The teacher will have a short amount of time while still having a few moments to answer questions. This event is not a time to discuss your child’s individual needs. If you have concerns over your child’s academic progress or classroom behavior, write an email to the teacher or send a letter in your child’s folder. You can also call to schedule a parent-teacher conference.

To ensure you have a productive parent-teacher conference, prepare questions beforehand. Collect samples of your child’s work. Parent-teacher conferences should center on three major topics: the child, the classroom, and the future. Remember to take notes. And do schedule an immediate follow-up meeting if something is unclear.

Parent-teacher conferences should occur as soon as parents notice a student struggling. Parent-teacher conferences can provide useful insight for immediate and clear next steps. Time is crucial for students’ learning and progress. Parents should come out of discussions with actions they can do to help their children.

Parents can also try to connect with the school guidance counselor. He or she can provide information about the resources the school offers. Possibilities could include gifted testing as well as resources outside of school. Call the campus to find the correct personnel.

By working together, every child can have a positive educational experience and make more significant learning gains.

We can’t wait to see you at School Open House Nights!