In compliance with state requirements TEC 39A.055(3) and TEC 39A 057, a public hearing for Targeted Improvement Plans (TIPs) for campuses rated C Overall (D in a Domain), D Overall or F on the Texas Accountability System and campuses rated Comprehensive based on the federal requirements of Domain III must be held.

Aldine ISD to hold TIP hearing on Nov. 19.

Campuses rated an overall D, F or Comprehensive are required to submit an Effective Schools Framework (ESF) Aligned TIP that will address areas of low performance identified through the three state accountability domains.  The targeted elements in the plan will be implemented and monitored throughout the year as campuses engage in the continuous improvement process.

Campus rated an overall C (D in a Domain) addressed their areas of low performance during the development of their Campus Improvement Plans (CIPs).  These elements will be implemented and monitored throughout the year to ensure progress towards all goals.  Adjustments will be made accordingly.