Grantham Academy recently participated in the Houston Texans Stats Challenge. The Texans teamed up with Schlumberger to create a program that gives sixth-grade students a fun opportunity to learn math through the game of football. Each fall, the free Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) based curriculum provides weekly lessons in conjunction with football season. 

On Friday, November 15, Grantham Academy was awarded a pep rally for all sixth-grade students, for their participation in the program. Cecil Shorts, a former Texans Wide Receiver, and two Texans cheerleaders led the pep rally and a special stats-based math activity. Last year, over 700 teachers across Texas enrolled in the program.

Cecil Shorts and Houston Texans cheerleaders guide students through a football drill requiring math application.

The Stats Challenge curriculum includes classroom activities on ratios, rational numbers, percentages, and more, to make math fun for all students. Each week students are given an activity and team stats to use when solving the activity questions.

Additionally, each week a teacher is selected at random to receive an autographed football. Students can also win various prizes. The grand prize winner will receive club level tickets to a Texans game, which is earned by completing all the challenges and writing a special essay.

Eric Cholico, Grantham Academy sixth-grader, is one of 11 students selected to attend the Houston vs. Denver game on December 8. Cholico explained that this program made math easier for him.