There are a multitude of opportunities available for businesses to partner with their local schools. These partnerships create more choices and opportunities for students. 

Aldine ISD Superintendent Dr. LaTonya M. Goffney and members of the Executive Leadership Team covered the district’s new strategic plan, A New Way Forward, with district partners at the Superintendent’s Business Advisory Group Luncheon, held on Tuesday, November 19 at the Donaldson Child Nutrition Services Center.

Goffney explained to attendees that Aldine ISD is moving forward to better meet the needs of students and to better position schools for success. During the meeting district leaders provided information on each of the principles of the five-year strategic plan.

“We want to be unified in our efforts and have a clear vision for how we are going to move and improve the lives of the 67,000 students who are in our care,” Goffney said. 

Goffney made it clear that Aldine ISD educates ALL students and that the district’s mission is for each student to receive a dynamic and unparalleled education that prepares them with choices and opportunities. With the help of members of the Executive Leadership Team, Dr. Goffney explained each of the goals and strategic priorities listed in the strategic plan

Dr. Todd Davis, Chief Academic Officer, spoke about improving student’s overall school experience and expanding options for students at all levels.

Katy Roede, Chief of Schools, explained the importance of addressing needs of the whole child, through maximizing social and emotional learning. Roede also presented information on the two ACE Demonstration Schools, Goodman and Worsham elementary schools. 

Dr. Javier Villarreal, Chief Human Resource Officer, discussed how effective leadership impacts students and expressed the importance of having leaders on all levels. He also spoke about reaching out to business partners to help determine what skills they are looking for when hiring to better prepare Aldine ISD students.

“Our goal is to maximize all of our resources so that we can strengthen our systems to operate efficiently and we need your help doing that,” Dr. Tamika Alford-Stephens, Chief Finance Officer, said.

Chief Communications Officer, Sheleah D. Reed, reiterated the call for business partners to work side-by-side with Aldine ISD to help keep our families and community members engaged, strengthening our partnerships to give our students more choices and opportunities. 

Additionally, Goffney talked about the new choices for students and recognized Stephens Elementary for moving from a ‘D’ campus to an ‘A’ in one school year. 

Before closing the event, Goffney thanked business partners for their commitment and invested interest in students. She encouraged them to continue providing feedback and to share resources that will positively impact the lives of students. 

Please contact the Office of Communications at (281) 985-6202 or email [email protected] if you would like be a part of the Superintendent’s Business Advisory Group, take part in a steering committee or visit a school.