Aldine ISD will be the first school district in the country to use the Reading With A Rapper (RWAR) eight-week after-school program in middle schools across the district. The program is designed to strengthen literacy skills through rap lyrics and provide additional support for students. 

“Having RWAR in Aldine ISD brings us one step closer to our goals,” Douglas Johnson, RWAR co-founder, said. “We are striving to break boundaries in education by bringing relatable content to our students and communities, essentially meeting them where they are.”

RWAR was created to relate English Language Arts (ELA) metrics and academics with socially conscious lyrics, video content and technology. The program content is engaging and helps uplift students socially and academically, to ensure that they have the skills necessary to thrive in secondary and collegiate level courses.

“Music and lyrics are powerful tools when used in an innovative way,” Jarren Small, RWAR co-founder, said. “We have discovered a way to create lasting impressions while making education fun and exciting.”

Aldine has begun the process of implementing the RWAR program in several Aldine ISD middle schools. The program will officially kick-off in the spring semester.

The Aldine schools participating are listed below:

Jones Middle | Mead Middle | Plummer Middle | Shotwell Middle | Stovall Middle | Teague Middle | Hambrick Middle | Drew Academy | Hoffman Middle