Applying for Grants

Welcome to the Federal, State, and Special Programs (FSSP) website. The FSSP Department serves as a communication link within the district and among collective agencies/organizations working on grant proposals. Our goal is to work with applicants identifying funding sources and providing assistance with proposal development. In order to make this a smooth process, we all must adhere to some basic guidelines. The Aldine ISD guidelines are as follow:

Step One:

  • Identify a need that aligns with district goals and/or specific campus improvement plan objectives.
  • Develop an idea or program plan to meet that need.
  • Identify a possible funding source–Aldine ISD Grant Alerts (posted in Eportal), Funding Websites, Content Area Publications, etc.

Step Two:

  • Determine whether or not you meet all requirements for eligibility as specified in the application.   Schools do not have 501(c)3 nonprofit status and are not eligible to apply for grants requiring a 501(c)3 letter. However, if there is a funding opportunity that could support your project we can, in certain circumstances, consider partnering with the Aldine Education Foundation to apply for funding that requires a 501(c)3.

Step Three:

  • Map out a plan for your project, utilizing the “Aldine Logic Model” Tool (found in Grant Resources below).

Step Four:

  • Fill out the “Aldine Permission to Apply Form” PDF (found in Grant Resources below), secure approval signature of principal/supervisor, attach a brief description of the proposed project and scan/email to [email protected] twenty (20) days prior to the funder deadline.
  • If you are requesting technology hardware, please email [email protected] with a description of the hardware you are requesting. Attach the email confirmation to your Permission to Apply.
  • The Director of Special Programs will forward the request to the appropriate Cabinet member for approval.
  • The applicant will be notified of the approval.

Step Five:  

  • The applicant can proceed with grant development, following a timeline, to ensure a timely submission of the proposal.

Step Six:

  • The applicant emails the completed proposal with the Grant Summary Form (found in Grant Resources) to [email protected] ten (10) days prior to grant funder deadline.  The final draft of the proposal should be reviewed, and then the campus principal/supervisor provides their signature on the Grant Summary Form. ***Please make every effort to adhere to this timeline.
  • Director of Special Programs will review the application for completeness and submit to the appropriate Area Superintendent, the Director of State and Federal Programs, and the Superintendent for final approval and signatures. Should any changes be needed, you will be contacted.
  • Once all required signatures have been secured, the applicant will be notified to prepare the application for submission.

Step Seven:  Submission of the Grant Proposal to the funder.

The FSSP Department maintains a tracking system for all submitted proposals. Periodic summaries of all proposals are reported to the Superintendent and Board of Trustees. Please inform the Resource Development Office upon receipt of grant award or rejection from the funding agency so that we may present an up-to-date report.

Increased communication and adherence to these guidelines can reduce duplication of proposals and increase the chances of getting funded. 
Happy Grantseeking!!!

Grant Resources