Top Reasons

Competitive Teacher Salary

Our teacher salary package is very competitive in comparison with school districts in the area. Teacher salaries for 2019-2020 are:

  • Minimum – $56,000
  • Midpoint – $72,714
  • Maximum – $89,429

Critical Needs Supplement Pay

AISD pays a supplement to individuals who teach in Critical Need areas. See the ‘Critical Needs Supplement’ section for more information.

Incentive Pay for Recruiting Teachers

An incentive will be paid to current Aldine employees who recruit certified teachers. The recruited teacher must teach in the district one full year. The employee receiving the incentive must be employed in the district at the time the stipend is paid. The incentive will be paid in June or January. Current incentives paid are:

7th – 12th Grade Science Teachers: $500
7th – 12th Grade Math Teachers: $500
Bilingual Teachers: $500
Nurses: $500
All other certified teachers: $300

401(a) Matching Plan for Retirement Savings

Aldine ISD offers a retirement savings matching plan. Employees who contribute to a tax-sheltered annuity may receive up to .5% of their annual gross compensation.

Employees who have excellent attendance (.5 to 2 days of absence) may earn an additional .5% of their annual gross compensation. Employees who have perfect attendance (zero absences) may earn an additional 1% of their annual gross compensation.

457 / 403(b) Retirement Plans

Two payroll deducted retirement saving plans are available to supplement your TRS retirement annuity. These plans give you the flexibility and means to plan your future.

Onsite Educational Advancement Opportunities

Masters and doctoral degrees are offered through partnerships with Sam Houston State University, Texas A&M University, Prairie View A&M University, and the University of Houston-Downtown.

New Teacher Induction Academy

The New Teacher Induction Academy immediately precedes the start of the school year. Teachers are given instruction to make the transition to Aldine ISD a snap.

Service Recognition Banquets

Retirees with 5 years and above including all honorees who have earned 20 years and above in increments of 5 are invited to an elaborate banquet that honors their Aldine service. Retirees are awarded a certificate of award and gold card. Service pins are individually awarded in 5 year increments in recognition of dedication to the district. Employees who are recognized for 25 years of work are honored with a silver or gold timepiece.

Education of Employees’ Children

Employees who reside outside of the district’s boundaries may enroll their children in an Aldine school nearest to their place of employment.

Retirement of School Loans

For each year of service at Aldine ISD, certain school loans may be reduced by a defined percentage. Please check with your lending institution to see if your loan qualifies for reduction or cancellation.

Staff Development / Enrichment

Three different levels of staff development are offered for employee growth and enrichment. District staff development is offered four (4) days per year. Ongoing staff development is offered after work and on Saturdays throughout the year. Summer staff development offers intensive one- to three-week courses during the summer months.

Annually, $300 scholarships are awarded to six professional employees with two or more years of employment at AISD. The money may be used to fund college coursework, workshops, seminars and trade school courses.

Mentor Program

Aldine’s Mentorship Program provides a mentor for all first-year teachers. The program’s goal is to ensure success of first-year teachers through the mentor’s support and assistance. The mentor works with the novice teacher for the entire school year. In addition, each campus has a mentor coordinator who monitors and oversees the program.

Health Insurance

The district offers a multitude of medical benefits to meet your needs. The district contributes $330 per month toward the cost of the premium for any of these optional medical plans.

Sick and Personal Days

Each year, employees accrue sick leave days in two categories, local and personal. Employees accrue one-half (1/2) day for each 18 days of employment. The typical teacher would earn five (5) days in each category for a total of 10 days per year. The maximum number of local days that can be accumulated is capped at 60. Unused personal days continue to accumulate.

Employees who do not have sick days available and are not able to perform their duties due to a medical condition may request donated sick days from co-workers. Recipients may acquire up to 30 donated sick days per school year.

AFERS – Aldine Foundation for Employee Relief and Scholarship

Aldine Foundation for Employee Relief and Scholarship (AFERS) assists staff members who have fallen on hard times. Funds for the foundation are raised by employees.

Payment of Sick Days upon Retirement

Employees who qualify for service retirement through the Teacher Retirement System (TRS) of Texas may receive payment for up to 60 accrued sick days from Aldine ISD at the current daily rate. The payment of sick days is made into a tax-deferred 401(a) plan.

Job Sharing

Upon a principal’s approval, two (2) employees may share teaching positions. Employees who share positions are eligible for insurance, but are not eligible for the 401(a) Matching Plan and other employee benefits. Shared-position teachers are eligible for local and personal days.

Teacher Retirement System of Texas

Since 1937, TRS has provided substantial pension, death and disability benefits to Texas public school employees. When retirement requirements have been met, TRS pays a lifetime annuity. Please visit the TRS website for more information.

Teacher’s Aid

Starting out as a teacher in a new district can be costly and difficult. The InvesTex Credit Union helps by providing a little aid just for Aldine ISD teachers new to the district. InvesTex has created a special low-rate loan designed to help you get started.

No State Income Tax

The state of Texas has no state income tax.