General Information


All employees are paid on the 5th and 20th of each month. If a pay date falls on a weekend or Holiday, the employee will be paid on the previous work day.

Employees pay information is available on-line by logging on to the Employee Self Service (ESS).

Direct Deposit

Is a convenient, safe and accurate service which deposits your paycheck into your account with a banking institution of your choice. It provides immediate access to your funds.

Employees are responsible for notifying the Payroll Department, in writing at least ten business days before a regular scheduled pay day of any changes in the employee’s financial institution.

If funds are returned by the bank for any reason, a replacement check will not be issued until the funds are credited back to the District’s financial institution. Once the funds are received a replacement check will be processed and available for pick up at the Payroll Department. Please bring a valid ID along with new financial institution information.

Stop Payment Request

There is a $5.00 fee on all stop payments that are a result of incorrect address. Payment is due upon receipt. (only cash or check is accepted)

W-2 Charge

There is a $10.00 fee on any W-2 reprint by the Payroll Department.Payment is due upon receipt. (only cash or check is accepted)

W-2s and check stubs can be printed at no cost through the Employee Self Service (ESS).

TRS Info

The TRS telephone number is 1-800-223-8778

Credit Union Deductions

Any deduction changes must be done through InvesTex Credit Union.

Address Changes

Current employees can change their address by going to Employee Self Service on the ePortal.

If you are no longer employed with the District, please contact Christina Moreno in the Human Resources Department at 281-985-6306

Employee Verification Forms

Please note, there is a 5 to 7 day turnaround time to process Employment Verification Forms.

Hourly employee including custodial, child nutrition, transportation, substitutes, and paraprofessionals contact the Payroll Department to request an Employment Verification to be completed.

Salaried employees including teachers, directors, speech therapist, counselors, principals, coaches, and assessment specialists contact Jessica Trevino in the Human Resources Department at 281.985.6314 to request an Employment Verification to be completed.