Payroll Procedures and Guidelines

Absence-From-Duty Request/Report Form

All employees must report their absences using an Absence from Duty pink form. Employees (campus level only) will use the Aesop System to create an absence. It is very important that employees carefully select the type of leave to be taken (state, local, etc.) Absences must be taken in whole or half days.

Sick Leave/Personal Leave

10 month employees receive 5 state personal leave days and 5 local sick days annually.

12 month employees received 5 state personal leave days and 7 local sick days annually.

Sick leave/personal days may be pro-rated due to the hired date.

Each employee receives 5 State days (upfront) at the beginning of the schoolyear. Note: If an employee has worked for another school district at the beginning of the school year and comes to Aldine ISD after the year starts, State Personal Days will be based upon the employees service records.

Overtime Compensation

The federal overtime provisions are contained in the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA). Overtime is legally defined as all hours worked (leave, vacation, and holiday days do not count toward hours worked) in excess of 40 hours per week and is not measured by the day or by the employee’s regular work schedule.

Employees who are approved to work beyond their normal schedule, but less than 40 hours per week will be compensated at straight time. Employees approved to work more than 40 hours in a week, will be paid for hours over 40 at time and one-half.

Overtime/Comp time must be pre-approved using the Compensation Request Form.

Hourly employees must clock in and out for lunch and must eat away from their work stations. If an hourly employee works during their lunch time, they must be compensated for the time.

Time Card Guidelines

Please ensure the correct color of time card is submitted. (Requisitions)

Time cards are only used for requisitions. Time cards can temporary be used when an employee is not set upon Time and Attendance. (e.g., new hires)

Yellow – Permanent employees (campus level)
White – Temporary employees (e.g., tutor, student workers)
Salmon – Permanent or Temporary employees (e.g., extended day/week/year, extra duty)

Time Card Guidance
To address concerns of our external auditors, it is necessary that time cards be filled out in accordance with the following guidelines:

  1. Time cards are to be filled out by the employee.
  2. The employee will record actual time in and time out on the time card (e.g., If the employee leaves work at 3:26, they would write 3:26 on their time card, not 3:30).
  3. Time cards should be written legibly in ink.
  4. Time cards are not acceptable if they contain white out or times have been marked through and changed.
  5. Time cards should be signed by the employee and then their Administrator supervisor.
  6. Time cards should be submitted in a timely manner – by the Tuesday following the week worked.

Attending to these matters will help ensure that time cards are not sent back to your school/department for corrections and that the employees received payment for services as they are scheduled to be paid.

Guidelines for Donated Days/Sick Leave Donations

Application for donated days/sick leave donation forms

  1. The Application for Donated Days form is to apply to receive donated days and is to be signed by your Principal/Administrator Supervisor. (Thirty donated days per school year)
  2. The Sick Leave Donation form is to distribute to co-workers who want to donated a day to you. (One donated local day per school year)

Please send completed forms to the Payroll Department.

An Overview Guidelines of Payroll

These Powerpoint guidelines provide information and guidance on payroll related matter for Aldine ISD. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the Payroll Department at 281.985.6235.

It is the responsibility of individual staff to submit relevant information to the Payroll Department.

Vacation Guidelines

Vacation guidelines are to inform employees how vacation is accrued, computed and when it should be taken.

Late Time Cards, Requisitions and any Payroll Adjustments

It’s very important that all information is turned in on a timely manner, if not it will delay the employees pay.

Note: Any late time cards, requisitions or Adjustments will be place on the following pay period.