DEAC – A District-Level Planning and Decision Making Team

What is the DEAC?

Based on TEC Code 11.251(b), the DEAC is a district level committee that participates in the planning and decision making process including establishing and reviewing the district’s:

  • Educational plans,
  • Goals,
  • Performance objectives, and
  • Major classroom instructional programs.

Upcoming Meeting

May 26, 2020

2-4 PM
Child Nutrition
Room 101-108

Guidelines for DEAC Questions Submission

  • Submit general questions regarding the planning and decision-making process:
    • Educational Plans
    • Goals
    • Performance Objectives
    • Instructional Programs
    • Benefits
  • Do not submit questions of a personal nature that involve naming specific individuals
  • Concerns that can be responded to at the campus level should follow the established process (i.e. a teacher does not have enough desks in the classroom, please reach out to campus staff to resolve)
  • Campus requests that can be resolved using the district’s work order process should not be submitted (i.e. a wall needs to be painted)

Please submit your questions to the district leadership below.

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