College and Scholarships

The Coordinator for Student Financial Services assists high school seniors in finding financial aid to attend post-secondary institutions including college, university, trade/technical schools, and community colleges. Assistance in obtaining both need-based aid and merit-based aid is available to seniors in the district.

This website includes information to keep you informed of scholarship opportunities at your disposal. Please check back often as highlighted scholarships will be added frequently.

Scholarship Resources

Adventures in Education
An excellent college and career planning website.

This site allows students to apply for admission to any Texas public college or university. There are also links to every Texas public college and universities individual website.

Campus Corner
Allows students to take virtual tours of many colleges and universities.

Campus Tours
Allows students to take virtual tours of many colleges and universities

College Board Online Scholarship Search
Locate scholarships, loans, internships, and other financial aid programs from non-college sources that match your education level, talents, and background.

College for Texans
Find valuable information about colleges and funding for college

College is Possible
Do you think it’s not possible to attend college? Check out this web site-you may be surprised!
College and financial aid information.

CollegeNET Scholarship Search
Here you will find a good general scholarship search engine.

CSS Profile
Online financial aid form required by many private colleges and universities.

A great scholarship search tool.

Financial Aid
A great site with lots of advice and a free scholarship search

Financial Aid Supersite
Just as the name implies, this site has it all.

Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)
Online form to complete and submit over the Internet.

Latino College Dollars
Scholarships and resources for Latino students

Military Scholarships
Scholarships for students interested in joining the military.

Petersons College Planning
Find your perfect college match.

Princeton Review
Test Prep and college information.

A non-profit program that links bright,motivated low-income students with educational and scholarship opportunities.

Sample Resume
Sample College Resume

Teach Grant
The Teacher Education Assistance for college and Higher Education (TEACH) Grant Program provides grants to students planning to become teachers.

The Texas Workforce Commission (TWC)
The Texas Workforce Commission (TWC) is the state government agency charged with overseeing and providing workforce development services to employers and job seekers of Texas.

The worls’s largest resource for college information created by students themselves.

Wired Scholar
Get wired into the college community and find out about scholarship sources.

Texas Scholars Program

What is the Texas Scholars Program?

The Texas Scholars Program is a course of study that encourages students to take more demanding classes in high school. It provides an education that prepares students to enter a technical school, a community college, a university, or the work force. A joint effort of school districts and the business community, the Texas Scholars Program is endorsed by colleges and universities, the Education Agency, the Texas Business and Education Coalition, and the Aldine Independent School District.  

Who are the Texas Scholars?

Texas Scholars are high-school students who have passed the state-recommended high-school plan, which will prepare them for a college, university, or trade school, as well as the work force. Key areas are mathematics, science, computer literacy, and languages. The Texas Scholars philosophy is based on the belief that it is better to pass an academically challenging course than to get a higher grade in a less substantial class.

How do students become Texas Scholars?

It’s easy! Just pass the courses in the state-recommended or distinguished high school program and complete at least two courses eligible for college credit.

What role do parents play in the Texas Scholars Program?

Parents are crucial to students’ success in the Texas Scholars Program. In the eighth grade, each student will prepare a state-recommended high-school four-year plan (the Texas Scholars Plan) with the help of his or her parents and counselor. Parents should work with the counselor to help their children meet Texas Scholars course requirements. In addition, a parent’s encouragement and support are essential in helping a student succeed in the more demanding classes.

Texas Grant Program

The 76th Texas Legislature passed HB 713 which established the Texas Excellence, Access, and Success(TEXAS) Grant Program. The TEXAS Grant is available to students who qualify for the Texas Scholars Program and have financial need as determined by the college or university the student is attending. Colleges will use the federal methodology (FAFSA) to determine if a student has need and the amount of need required to qualify for the TEXAS Grant may vary from institution to institution. Students who qualify for the TEXAS Grant may qualify for the following maximum funding levels:

  • Four year colleges: $3590/yr (up to 6 years)
  • Two year colleges: $1270/yr
  • Technical schools: $1980/year

The TEXAS Grant Program is administered through the financial aid office of each individual college, so if you have completed the requirements for the Texas Scholars Program (completed the Recommended High School Plan or the Distinguished High School Plan) be sure to contact the financial aid office at the college of your choice to see if you can qualify for additional funding under the TEXAS Grant Program.