Business Office Activities

Reporting Academy May 2012

The Reporting Academy is an hour long session that helps all AMS users generate financial reports.  The different reports include available balance, budget versus expenditure by function, budget transaction expenditure, and reports for special prgorams and principal funds/agency accounts.

Reporting Academy Training Documents

Finance Training Academy - August 2012 

The fall Finance Training Academy is under construction.  We are developing many exciting sessions.  The dates of the Academy is August 9th or August 14th.  Six different sessions will be offered.  The Finance Training Academy will start at 8:00am and last until 3:30.  Participates will rotate to different sessions every hour.  

Purchasing, Central Receiving, and Accounts Payable End of Year Close out

Purchasing, Accounts Payable, Central Receiving, Maintenance, Building and Properties, Construction, and Central Office personnel who create POs need to attend End of Year close out process.

Purchasing, Central Receiving, Accounts Payable End of Year Close out

End of Year Process (Campus and Departments) May 2012

The attached document is a guide to all Budget Directors (Principals and Administrators) on how to smoothly transition from one budget fiscal year to another.  The is to clean up open POs, Service Contracts, PO2, RQS and Stock Reqs. 

All items must be received by June 30, 2012 to be paid out of Fiscal Year 12 (2011 - 2012).  All services must be rendered by June 30, 2012 to be paid out of Fiscal Year 12 (2011 - 2012).

End of Year Finance Process Campus and Department Budget Directors/Administrators

End of Year Procedures for Finance Timeline

Budget Training FY 13 February - April 2012

Great participation with the FY 13 (2012-2013) Budget Training!!