The Aldine Way…

A team is a group of people who function together in an extraordinary way, who trust one another, who compliment each others’ strengths and compensate for each others’ limitations, who have common goals that are larger than individual goals, and who produce extraordinary results.
Peter Senge, The Fifth Discipline

AISD’s Continuous Improvement Journey

The implementation of the Malcolm Baldrige Criteria for Performance Excellence has served to accomplish the following four key tasks:

  • Provide a districtwide systems approach for management through a focus on the district objectives and goals.
  • Strengthen the organizational structure, processes, and procedures.
  • Ensure all processes and resources are aligned to meet the district’s objectives, improve overall performance, and satisfy key stakeholders.
  • Ensure the five broad district objectives and more specific goals under each objective with measurable actions are based on data and are aligned from the district level to the department, campus, teacher, and student levels.

Improvement Plans