The Board’s Responsibilities

A seven-member Board of Trustees serves as the legal agent of the State of Texas in carrying out the will of the citizens of the Aldine Independent School District in the matters of public education. The school board is the policy-making body for the school district.

In addition to setting policy, the board of education also hires the superintendent of schools, holds regularly scheduled meetings to conduct the business of the district, approves employment and termination of personnel, approves the budget and sets the tax rate, approves property purchases, approves new building plans, awards bids, hears grievances of employees, students, and citizens of the district, and authorizes collection, disbursement and auditing of funds.

Aldine voters elect their school board members on the first Tuesday of November. Aldine’s seven trustees are elected community volunteers who serve four-year terms. At the meeting of the board in December, the board elects a president, vice president, secretary, and assistant secretary to serve for one-year terms.