Employment Requirement

Operate a buffer, vacuum cleaner, wet/dry vacuum

General Requirements For Custodial Employment

  • Be physically able to carry out job requirements
  • Have good moral habits
  • Be able to read, write and follow written directions
  • Be adaptable to working around children
  • Be clean and neat at all times
  • Demonstrate a professional attitude at all times
  • Have a satisfactory employment record if prior employment is claimed
  • Be willing to accept your share of the responsibility in all parts of the custodial program
  • Be willing to work harmoniously with other workers, teachers, and students
  • Be a U. S. citizen or legal resident
  • Be familiar with all all policies and practices the custodial job
  • Follow all standards of safety

Basic Custodial Job Functions

  • Pick up at least 25 pounds
  • Use a 24 oz. Mop
  • Use a push broom, dust mop, and wet mop
  • Push a lawn mower and operate a weedeater**
  • Operate a buffer, vacuum cleaner, wet/dry vacuum
  • Move cafeteria tables
  • Wash windows, doors, wall, etc.
  • Change a/c filters
  • Trim shrubbery**
  • Pick up paper, and wipe tables
  • Move desks