Facility Planning and Construction Customer Survey

Facilities Planning and Construction - Stakeholders Survey

For each item identified below, check the number to the right that best fits your judgment of its quality. Use the scale above to select the quality number.


   Strongly AgreeAgreeNot SureDisagreeStrongly Disagree 
 1.Was our staff knowledgeable and able to answer your concerns and questions about projects? 
 2.How well did our construction scheduling meet your needs? 
 3.Was the project completed by the time it was needed/promised? 
 4.How well have we communicated to you regarding the status or the change in status of the project? 
 5.How adequate of notice did we give you of construction activities that could disrupt your program? Were you kept informed of the progress or changes? 
 6.How would you rate the quality of your project? 
 7.Was your warranty request completed within a reasonable length of time? 
 8.Was your maintenance request completed properly and neatly? 
 9.Were our staff/contractors helpful and courteous? 
 10.When you called the construction office, was our staff courteous and helpful? 
 11.Overall, how would you rate your experience with the construction department? 



12.If you have any specific concerns which would help us serve you better, please share them with us. 


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