Authorization to Leave Printed Material

Approved Organization Letters

Organizations who do not engage in business with Aldine ISD and who are interested in leaving printed materials at district locations must obtain prior approval from the risk management department.

The types of organizations that are permitted to leave printed materials are generally limited to education related products & entities, tutors, after-school care programs, sports registrations and retirement financial advisors. The organizations offer a product or service directly to parents/students or staff members.

Approved organization letters are issued once printed materials have been determined to be acceptable. The letter:

  • authorizes distribution of printed materials to district locations
  • prohibits representatives from addressing students or staff on district property
  • prohibits representatives from "setting-up" anywhere on district property
  • clarifies that employee mailboxes and bulletin boards are for official AISD related business
  • does not endorse the product or service
  • expires annually
  • should be presented at each district location

Note of clarification: Vendors interested in conducting business with Aldine ISD should be directed to the Purchasing Department.