Vehicular Accidents

Liability Insurance

Automobile liability covers sums that the district is legally obligated to pay arising out of the ownership, maintenance, or use of district vehicles.



Personal Vehicles for District Business

Employees who use personal vehicles to perform a district related activity that are involved in an at fault accident, may have coverage through the district’s liability insurance policy on an excess basis should the limits on the employee’s personal auto policy be exhausted. 


There is no coverage for Physical Damage to personal vehicles under the district’s liability insurance.


Employees must review their personal insurance policies with their insurance agents to assure that adequate coverage is purchased.


Employees must notify their supervisor, risk management and their personal auto insurer of such accidents.



Vehicular Accident Report

Accidents/occurrences are to be reported on the Aldine ISD Vehicle Accident Report.  Complete and submit the report to the department leader if:


  1. Use or operation of a motor vehicle results in bodily injury and/or property damage.
  2. Damage to a district vehicle is caused by fire or lightning; theft or larceny; windstorm, hail, earthquake, or explosion; malicious mischief or vandalism; flood or rising waters; breakage of glass; fire; theft; hail, collision with an animal or collision of a covered auto with another object.
  3. Any occurrence which leaves a “mark” on a district vehicle.


Insurance and Accident Information Envelopes

Envelopes that are labeled "Insurance and Accident Information" should be placed in each district vehicle's glove compartment. The envelopes are to contain:


   1. Procedures for Vehicular Accidents

   2. Aldine Vehicle Accident Report

   3. District’s fleet liability insurance card

   4. Pencil



Bodily Injury to Employee

Employee’s injuries are covered under the district’s workers’ compensation policy.