Transitional Bilingual Program

Through the implementation of a Transitional Bilingual Program model, the Aldine Independent School District Bilingual program targets the academic, linguistic, and social needs of each student whose native language is not English. The students are provided the instructional support necessary to acquire the English language and to become academically successful in the mainstream classroom.  Spanish is used by Bilingual certified staff to deliver academic content so that literacy in the native language is attained.  Linguistic support is given to students whose first language is Vietnamese in their native language by ESL certified teachers. Instruction in Bilingual/ESL classrooms is based on the content area Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) and district developed ESL curriculum guidelines.  Teachers follow a district Pacing Chart to increase the amount of English instruction each year as commensurate with the students’ level of English proficiency.  Assessment data and level of student English proficiency in listening, speaking, reading, and writing are used to meet the educational needs of each English Language Learner so that the transition to an all English academic environment is successful.