Anderson Academy Additions

Anderson Academy Additions
Posted on 01/03/2017

The additions at Anderson Academy include a new classroom building as well as a new gym and cafeteria. These will be constructed in two phases to minimize impact to the students and their educational programs.

Phase I: The scope of work includes site work required for the new gymnasium and cafeteria as well as utility work which will connect the existing campus to temporary classroom buildings. These temporary structures will be installed with canopies, walkways, data, fire alarm, power, lighting and connection to the school’s public address system. Construction began in October, 2016 with the removal and disconnection of the electrical, data, fire alarm and public address systems to (2) existing temporary classroom buildings and their removal. The detention ponds excavation is in progress along with the set-up of power to the temporary buildings. Foundations for support of these structures continues with building setup staggered during the pouring of the concrete foundations. The Final completion of setup and move-in is scheduled to be complete by the end of December 2016.

Phase II: The construction will continue with the demolition of two existing classroom buildings, the cafeteria and the gymnasium. The demolition work will be followed with the construction of a new 67,500 square-foot building which includes 16 classrooms, an art wing, restrooms, a cafeteria, a kitchen, a gym, and teachers’ facilities. The new addition will be equipped with interactive monitors, security cameras and technology infrastructure to support the equipment.

Proposals for Phase II were received in November 2016 and was awarded by the Board of Trustees at their November Board meeting. Construction is scheduled to begin in January 2017 and be completed by end of Summer 2018. The City of Houston has issued all building permits required for construction.

Anderson Classroom Corridor
Classroom Corridor Rendering

Anderson Fine Arts Corridor
Fine Arts Corridor Rendering

Anderson Music Room
Music Room Rendering

Anderson Detention Pond
Excavation at detention pond

Anderson Detention Pond
Excavation with lime to accelerate dry condition at detention pond