E-Rate Year 17 Web Portal (closed)

Year 17 Aldine ISD Board Approved Selected Vendors 01/14/2014

Site visits for Erate YR17 will be as follows: A per campus site visit is required to be scheduled with Blanca Pulido 24 hours before site visit. Only 2 site visits per campus will be scheduled, and your company must be present at one of the two site visits per campus to submit a proposal. Please note that no additional site visits will be scheduled. Meeting place will be at first campus and site visits will begin at 9am sharply. We cannot answer any questions during the site visit. All questions must be submitted in writing.

Campus Site Visit Schedule

Attachment A

  • October 25th & November 1st
    9:00am Aldine Middle
    10:30am Stovall Middle
  • October 25th & November 1st
    9:00am Lewis
    10:30am Teague
  • October 29th & November 5th
    9:00am Grantham
    10:30am Hambrick
  • October 30th & November 6th
    9:00am Drew
    10:30am Hoffman
  • October 31st & November 7th
    9:00am Shotwell
    10:30am Plummer

Internal Connections:

IC-01-Y17 Aldine Middle School Infrastructure Upgrade
IC-02-Y17 Drew Academy School Infrastructure Upgrade
IC-03-Y17 Grantham Academy School Infrastructure Upgrade
IC-04-Y17 Hambrick Middle School Infrastructure Upgrade
IC-05-Y17 Hoffman Middle School Infrastructure Upgrade
IC-06-Y17 Lewis Middle School Infrastructure Upgrade
IC-07-Y17 Plummer Middle School Infrastructure Upgrade
IC-08-Y17 Shotwell Middle School Infrastructure Upgrade
IC-09-Y17 Stovall Middle School Infrastructure Upgrade
IC-10-Y17 Teague Middle School Infrastructure Upgrade

Schedule of Important Events

A pre-proposal meeting will be held on Wednesday, October 23, 2013 at the Aldine ISD Boardroom located at 14910 Aldine Westfield Rd., Houston, Texas 77032. Discussions will begin at 10am. Attendance at the pre-proposal meeting is not required.

10/21/13 First Advertisement
10/28/13 Second Advertisement
10/18/13 RFP Release Date
10/23/13 Pre-Proposal Meeting (10am)
11/05/13 Application 170 Completion Date
Site Visits (See attachment A)
11/11/13 Deadline for Questions
11/19/13 Proposal Due Date (1pm)