Aesop is an automated substitute placement service provided by Frontline Placement Technologies for K-12 school districts. Unlike traditional sub-calling programs, Aesop completely automates the process of substitute placement and absence management for over 1,600 school districts worldwide. As a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), Aesop does not require any hardware or software at the district. Integrated phone and internet technologies allow district administrators, principals and teachers access to the service anytime, anywhere.


Eduphoria allows curriculum directors to build and deliver an aligned curriculum, teachers to construct and share aligned lesson plans, and administrators to track lesson plans. In addition, Eduphoria collects and delivers aligned local and state assessment data to teachers and administrators. The purpose of Eduphoria  is to provide teachers and administrators with the data they need to make informed decisions.

Building Reservation System

The Building Reservation System maximizes the usage of rooms andfacilities within M. O. Campbell Education Center by increasingefficiency while eliminating double bookings.


A web-based enterprise data quality platform that continually validates district databases for a battery of business rules, data quality requirements and potential compliance issues. Validates PEIMS state reporting submissions for each reporting period throughout the year along with district defined data compliance.

Desktop Analyst

The Desktop Analyst is an educational cost function modeling system thatuses regression analysis to systematically measure the relationshipbetween operating expenditures and educational outcomes. This type ofsystem is the best available for estimating the costs of achievingacademic outcomes and how those costs and outcomes can vary widelyacross the diverse districts in Texas.


Gmail for

PowerSchool Enrollment Administration

Professional Growth

Project Share

Introducing a global online learning community where educators collaborate, share resources and showcase accomplishments.

Rank One

Rank One Sport scheduling software provides many features used byathletic directors, coaches, and athletic trainers. The system allowsthe athletic department to display schedules, directions andgameresults to the public.

Service Console


TELPAS & STAAR-Alt Training Application

This site currently offers access to the online training system forTELPAS raters and TAKS-Alt users. Region, district, and campus testcoordinators (or their designees) also have access to this site fortheiradministrative use.


The Texas Records Exchange (TREx) system is a web-based software application designed for the exchange of electronic student records as mandated by the 79th Legislature, 3rd Called Session, 2006 (House Bill 1). Using the TREx application, school registrars can electronically request and receive student records for students who have attended or will be attending Texas public schools. High school registrars and counselors can electronically create and send official student transcripts to Texas public colleges and universities using TREx to access the SPEEDE server.