A+ Videos

A+ Videos

Amazing Things Are Happening In Aldine!

The series, A+, is our way of recognizing and celebrating the amazing and awesome things happening right here in Aldine ISD. We’re featuring all of those things — whether they are inspirational people, innovative projects or new programs — that exceed expectations.

But we can’t be everywhere, so we’re counting on you to submit schools, students, teachers and administrators to be featured. If you know of something that deserves an A+ send it our way.

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Students and teachers greatly benefit from Aldine ISD's amazing Director of Visual Arts. Dr. Michealann Kelley ensures student's artwork is appreciated and art teachers are supported. This is our way of celebrating Dr. Kelley for a job well done!
Non-traditional student teacher, Andrea Johnson, is inspiring others to not live in regret and follow their passion. The Texas Tech student is currently student teaching at Gray Elementary School. Aldine ISD is proud she's here.
Aldine ISD's first year principal, Patricia Willis, is doing great things for her school, Garcia-Leza. Even work days feel like a vacation to this inspirational leader.