Vote for Houston in the Smart Cities North America Awards

Vote for Houston in the Smart Cities North America Awards
Posted on 04/03/2019

Vote for Houston

Recognize innovation and forward-thinking by voting for the city in the “Smart Building” and “Transportation” Categories. Deadline to vote is April 4.

The City of Houston is a finalist in the 2019 IDC Smart Cities North America Awards in the Smart Building and Transportation categories. The Awards recognize municipalities from across the country for executing Smart City projects to reach sustainability goals, create new economic opportunities, and meet the growing needs of their communities. The public can now vote for a winner in each of 12 categories at

Select the projects you would like to vote for in each of the 12 categories (Houston is competing in #8 Smart Buildings and #11 Transportation on the list). Click “Done” at the bottom to submit your choices.

Mayor Sylvester Turner is working with Microsoft in a progressive approach that merges innovative technology with existing technologies to create a unified communication platform that links the City of Houston first-responder communication network. The goal is to develop infrastructure practices into a cutting-edge solution for urban crisis management.

At the heart of the solution is the implementation of a smart infrastructure network that it allows first responders the ability to identify and address threats to the community more quickly by leveraging disparate pieces of data (e.g. building design and layout, key contacts) collected across multiple systems throughout the city.

Aldine ISD’s Role

Aldine ISD is taking part in the Smart Buildings initiative as the only school district selected by Microsoft to take part in establishing an advanced, unified communication platform to improve school safety. The new technology will ensure our first responders like the Aldine ISD Police Department, Aldine fire stations, Houston police, and fire agencies and other entities like the FBI along with other neighboring school districts will be better informed of the types and the severity of the emergencies.

“Student and staff safety is a top priority we are looking to take to the next level. A partnership with the city will ensure that happens,” said Superintendent of Schools Dr. LaTonya M. Goffney.

Turner and Microsoft are also working to make public buses connected. Smart video surveillance is another feature being installed and used to improve passenger safety and monitor student/driver behavior in real-time. This technology allows for faster, more accurate incident response, improving every aspect of bus transportation for passengers and fleet managers.

Voting is open from now through April 4. Winners will be announced on April 9, and the awards will be presented at the Smart Cities New York event on May 14 in New York City.


Watch the video to learn more about Mayor Turner and Microsoft are helping the City of Houston move forward.