Aldine ISD Launches New Initiative to Increase School Breakfast Participation in High Schools

Aldine ISD Launches New Initiative to Increase School Breakfast Participation in High Schools
Posted on 05/16/2019

The District program seeks to increase student access to a nutritious meal to start the school day.

Student getting breakfastBreakfast for Everyone

Studies show that the first meal of the day matters. Aldine ISD offers FREE breakfast meals to all students. Yet, some students don’t take advantage of the opportunity.

When it comes to teenagers, statistics show that they may not consider eating breakfast the most important meal of the day. Nationally, approximately 60 percent of high school students skip breakfast each morning and 14 percent of them do not eat the meal most or all days of the week. Eating breakfast also has ramifications on school performance. Study after study shows that kids who eat breakfast function better. They do better in school and have better concentration and more energy.

Skipping breakfast poses a significant threat to adolescent development because it is linked to poor cognitive performance and may also contribute to mental health issues and a higher risk of obesity.

Aldine ISD hopes to change that. The District’s Child Nutrition Services Department launched Breakfast Made EZ this spring. It kicked off at MacArthur High School in April.

Child Nutrition Service staff members walk the halls pushing a cart full of breakfast food items and beverages. The staff also carry tablets to record meal participation.

“We look for solutions that are extremely efficient,” said Dani Sheffield, executive director of child nutrition services. “We don’t want to cause tardiness or class disruptions. And we ensure that all our meals meet the USDA nutrient standards. This is another way to give students a nutritious start to their school day.“

MacArthur HS was chosen because it is one of the largest campuses with a low school breakfast participation level. Starting next week, students at Aldine High School will begin seeing child nutrition staff roaming the halls to provide breakfast. The District has plans to expand the program to other high schools.

For more information about school meals, contact Aldine ISD Child Nutrition Services at 281.985.6450.