Aldine Celebrates National School Bus Safety Week

Aldine Celebrates National School Bus Safety Week
Posted on 10/29/2015
The event serves to thank school transportation staff for the work they do. It also serves to raise awareness about bus rules for student safety.

School districts across the country recently celebrated National School Bus Safety Week. Aldine ISD campuses took time to thank transportation staff for the work they do.

Most folks think of bus drivers when they think “School Bus Transportation.” But there are many individuals behind the scenes like mechanics and dispatchers. They all play a vital role in running a safe and efficient transportation system. Robin DeRouen lauds the staff. DeRouen is executive director of transportation.

The staff works hard every day,” said DeRouen. “We are all on the same page. The most important thing is get students to and from school safely.

2014-2015 Facts About AISD Transportation Services


FACT: School buses are designed to be safer than passenger vehicles in avoiding crashes and preventing injury. (Source: American School Bus Council)

School bus drivers are constantly multitasking,” said DeRouen. “They are aware to keep their eyes on the road. They pay attention to what is go with the kids on board. And they listen to dispatch on the radio for critical information.

Keeping Students Safe: Training and Communication Are Key

It’s very important to promote good communication,” said DeRouen. “For bus drivers safety begins with intensive training. For students, it begins when parents and teachers spend time discussing the rules of the bus. It’s important they understand how the rules keep everyone safe and that they need to follow them. We want to create the best and safest ride possible for our students.

A Few Reminders for Students




FACT: School buses are the safest mode of transportation for getting children back and forth to school. (Source: U.S. Department of Transportation)

Drivers Need to Watch for Flashing Red Lights

The flashing red lights tell drivers to stop,” said DeRouen. “The red lights indicate the bus has come to a complete stop and will load or unload students. The red lights help students cross the street safely. It is against the law to run through our ‘red lights.’ When drivers pay attention and stop, it keeps our children safe."

Thank you to everyone in the Transportation Department!

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