Case Study: Aldine ISD Lauded for Improving Student Outcomes and Narrowing Achievement Gaps

Case Study: Aldine ISD Lauded for Improving Student Outcomes and Narrowing Achievement Gaps
Posted on 04/03/2016

StudentThe Rewards of Perseverance is Education Resource Strategies’ (ERS) newest case study. It tells the story of Aldine ISD’s deliberate evolution in response to change.

Since the 1990s, AISD has faced challenges. This has included a significant increase in high-need students and more rigorous state tests. At the same time, the district has achieved impressive student outcomes. Aldine narrowed achievement gaps and maintained a high graduation rate.

The study shows how AISD has a clear vision and stable leadership for transformation. The district prioritizes supporting teachers and leaders. Everyone in Aldine remains doggedly focused on student needs.

Aldine ISD did not address challenges one school at a time. Instead AISD took a long-term, “whole-system” approach to reform. The district focused on creating the conditions for great teachers and school leaders to succeed.

A succession of three superintendents — M.B. “Sonny” Donaldson, Nadine Kujawa and Dr. Wanda Bamberg — has overhauled almost every aspect of district structure and policy with student needs.

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This case study is the second in a series where ERS tracks the transformation journeys of leading districts. The study uses ERS’ School System 20/20 framework to better understand what it takes for public school systems to be successful. And it discusses if those ingredients work everywhere.

GraduateERS has been partnering with urban school districts nationwide for a decade. In that time, ERS has seen an array of challenges but also beacons of hope. Drawing from this experience, ERS created School System 20/20. It is a vision for school system success. The system is a series of assessments. These allow districts to measure and monitor how well they use their resources—people, time and money—to support excellent instruction.

ERS’s first case study, Back from the Brink. It examined the rapid progress of Lawrence Public Schools located in the Boston area.

The Rewards of Perseverance breaks down Aldine ISD’s 20-year journey.

Karen Brody and Lois Rho are the study’s authors.

According to ERS, Aldine’s story provides inspiration for other educational systems.