Aldine ISD Is Creating a Culture of Good Attendance

Aldine ISD Is Creating a Culture of Good Attendance

Research shows that missing 10 percent or more of school days can translate into third-graders who can’t read, sixth-graders who fail classes and high school students who drop out. 


In Aldine ISD, the focus is on the whole child. This includes academics as well as the characteristics of successful learners; attendance is an important component of both.

Research shows that attendance habits begin early and that there is a direct correlation between achievement and attendance. While poor attendance can contribute to academic struggles, it can also lead to school-related anxiety.

The District’s Attendance Matters initiative seeks to inform parents about the importance of going to school every day. The initiative also includes incentives for students and school staff members.

 Aldine-ISD-Dr-LaTonya-Goffney-SmallAbsences add up,” Superintendent of School LaTonya M. Goffney said. “Missed days represent lost time in the classroomWe want families to understand that Attendance Matters. Students must be in school to ensure they have every opportunity to learn. School attendance impacts students’ success now and in the future.

Roll call is also important when it comes to teacher attendance. All students deserve access to excellent teachers and administrators, but access is dependent on the student and teacher both being present, engaged, and working together.”

Campuses notice attendance starts to wane after state testing in the spring semester, which for some students begins in late February (click here for major testing dates). This is known as the “spring slide.”

The Correlation Between Attendance and Long-Term Success

  • Aldine-ISD-Attendance-Matters-School-Incentive-2-219x300.jpgAttendance matters as early as kindergarten. Studies show that children who miss too many days in kindergarten and first grade have trouble mastering reading.
  • Chronic absenteeism shows a reduction in grade point average (GPA), math, language and science scores.
  •  Chronic absenteeism can reduce the likelihood of pursuing higher education or training after high school.
  • Funding for public schools in Texas is tied to attendance. Aldine ISD loses money on each absence. When students miss class, their campus’ average daily attendance rate drops, which can reduce the state funding it receives to support its programs.
  • Visit the Aldine ISD website for complete details regarding its attendance policy.

What Can Parents Do at Home?

  • Help your children understand why going to school each day matters. Talk about what they miss when they are out, how showing up every day is an important skill for getting and keeping a job, and how attending every day helps them learn what they need to know to achieve their hopes and dreams.
  • Make attendance a priority at home. Set daily routines such as regular bedtimes for younger kids.
  • Set attendance goals with your child, and track your child’s attendance.
  • Avoid taking your children on vacation unless the school is not in session.
  • Contact your child’s teacher, principal, or school counselor to report any concerns you notice like your child experiencing symptoms of school anxiety or refusal to go to school.
  • Contact your child’s school to inform the staff of illnesses. In some cases, a doctor’s note may be requested.

How Are Schools Working to Improve School Attendance?

Aldine-ISD-Attendance-Matters-School-Incentive-7-300x151.jpgSchools across the District have incentives that reward students for perfect attendance. They range from raffling bicycles, scooters, and Kindles. Students also may receive goody bags or gifts based on the theme of the month. For example at one campus in November, students got a chance to win a turkey for Thanksgiving. School leaders may also rent bounce houses, and much more.

The campaign is also encouraging local business owners to get involved. Another campus’ promotion of Attendance Matters on its marquee drew a local dentist’s attention. He decided to donate two iPads to giveaway as incentives. The winners will be drawn from a raffle.

Victory-Early-College-High-School-Students-in-Science-Lab-2.jpgTeachers and fellow campus staff members are also earning recognition for perfect attendance. They can earn free dress days, extra spirit dress days, catered breakfast or lunch have and have their name entered in a raffle for a chance to win a laptop and much more.

Contact your child’s school to learn how the campus is promoting good attendance.

Remember, Attendance Matters!

By taking simple measures early on, everyone can help set every child on the path to success.