Hoffman MS students learn about dangers of drugs, alcohol at MEGA Brain/Lung exhibit

Hoffman MS students learn about dangers of drugs, alcohol at MEGA Brain/Lung exhibit
Posted on 01/17/2019
Mega Brain Lung Exibition

More than 500 Hoffman Middle School students received an up close and personal view of the dangerous affects alcohol and drugs can have on the brain and lungs when they took part in the MEGA Brain and MEGA Lung exhibit on Tuesday, Jan. 15.

The program was presented by Medical Inflatable Exhibits and launched its first MEGA Substance Abuse Program at Hoffman Middle School.

Hoffman students were able to walk through the MEGA Brain, which measures 18-feet long, 14-feet wide and 12-feet high. Students were provided with a highly interactive educational experience about the central nervous system’s most critical organ. Hoffman students were able to enter the exhibits through the frontal lobe and exited through the cerebellum. Throughout the program, students learned about the various brain structures and normal brain function, observed examples of chemical dependency, specifically marijuana and alcohol on the brain.

The MEGA Lungs measures approximately 15-feet long by 10-feet high by 12-feet high. Hoffman students were also able to enter the giant exhibit between the left and right lobes under the trachea. During the program, they learned about how important the lungs are, and also learned about asthma, bronchitis, lung disease and the effects of vaping.

Mega Brain Lung ExibitionHoffman student Naima Morgan was glad she took part in the program.

“It’s really cool,” she said. “It was neat getting to experience the functions of the brain and lungs and how bad drugs and alcohol are. I learned a lot today.”

Medical Inflatable Exhibits provides large-scale, interactive, educational models of the human anatomy to help teacher young people about the risks, symptoms, nature and causes of various diseases. The company works with a team of board-certified medical professionals to ensure the accuracy of the exhibits and the information conveyed to students. For more information about Medical Inflatable Exhibits, MEGA Brain and MEGA Lung, go to