New Free App Lets Aldine ISD Parents Track School Buses

New Free App Lets Aldine ISD Parents Track School Buses
Posted on 02/15/2017

Parents no longer have to wonder if their child’s bus is on time, running early or late. Starting Feb. 15, Aldine ISD will begin to roll out a FREE app that monitors the location of school buses.

Difficult road conditions, a substitute driver on an unfamiliar route and/or traffic could all delay a school bus on its route. The Here Comes the Bus app provides parents real-time bus location.

Here Comes the Bus App Gives Parents the Information They Need, When They Need It

Here comes the bus logoThrough the Here Comes the Bus app, parents can select the notifications they want to receive and how. For instance, they can receive a push or email notification when their child’s bus is approaching the bus stop and/or when the bus has departed the bus stop. The app also provides parents a customizable map to locate the bus. They will be able to monitor when it arrives at the school in the morning and when it leaves the school in the afternoon. Parents can even see if there’s a bus substitution.

Robin DeRouen sees this as an essential tool that improves safety for bus riders. She believes parents will be excited when they learn about the features Here Comes the Bus has to offer. DeRouen is executive director of transportation.

“The Here Comes the Bus app offers us an enhanced way to communicate with parents,” said DeRouen. “I think parents will appreciate the peace of mind this app provides, but I urge all parents to remember Here Comes the Bus monitors the location of the bus, not the students Parents will receive notifications regardless of whether or not their child gets on the bus.”

How Here Comes the Bus Helps Parents

  • App imageSee where your child’s bus is in real-time on map display
  • See whether their child’s bus is on time or running late
  • See arrival and departure information at the bus stop and the school
  • You will have an increased sense of security
  • When weather is a factor, this app is a tool to help you know about changes or delays

DeRouen added that families with children going to school at varying times on different buses will find the app useful. It will help them keep up with everyone’s schedule.

“Parents won‘t have to guess when the bus will arrive or if their kids made it home safely. It is one less thing they have to worry about each day,” said DeRouen.

The app is by Synovia Solutions. The company provides GPS tracking systems. Since the launch of the app in 2015, 100 school districts have adopted Here Comes the Bus. Across the country, nearly 90,000 parents and students use the app.

Increase Customer Service & Communication With Parents

According to DeRouen, the new app will lighten the dispatcher’s load too. She anticipates fewer calls from concerned parents on days buses are behind schedule. To give an idea of the numbers of students riding the bus, look to last year. With 70,000-plus students, AISD transported more than 35,600 students daily.

“Making information available improves customer service to parents,” said DeRouen.

Parents Can Sign Up for the Here Comes the Bus App Starting Feb. 15

The District will send out flyers the week of Feb, 12 to inform parents about Here Comes the Bus and how to access the app for FREE at

The Here Comes the Bus app is available for Android devices in the Google Play Store app; Apple users can go to the App Store on iTunes. Starting Feb. 15, download the app using District Code 84000.

The app is secure and is available in three languages: English, Spanish and French.

The Transportation Department will open a Here Comes the Bus Help Desk starting Feb. 15 and will remain available until March 31. The department asks that parents contact their child’s campus to receive the Help Desk phone number designated for the campus/route. Parents can also email the department at

For more information, visit and

“We want AISD families sign up and take advantage of this new tool for bus riders,” said DeRouen.

Here Comes the Bus app is making it a smooth ride for students and parents!