Aldine ISD’s New Superintendent Dr. LaTonya Goffney Already Getting Down to Business

Aldine ISD’s New Superintendent Dr. LaTonya Goffney Already Getting Down to Business
Posted on 07/11/2018

Goffney officially started work this month. Here are her plans for the transition and the future of AISD. Latonya-Goffney-web.jpg

In addition to steering one of the state’s largest school districts, Dr. LaTonya Goffney plans to spend her first few months on a listening tour, meeting with staff and getting a crash course in District operations and finances.

Dr. Goffney has a busy schedule over the next few months.

According to Goffney’s transition plan, she has outlined specific goals for the year. The overarching themes of her Entry Plan in the early months are relationship building and community engagement. The listening tour will run through mid September.

After talking with key stakeholders within and outside Aldine ISD, she will then analyze the information and data collected.

“The goal is to gain a solid understanding about the community we serve and the organization itself,” said Goffney. “This includes identifying strengths we can build on. It also means identifying critical issues to address and opportunities to seize. This will be a community effort. By working together we can improve Aldine ISD as a whole and ensure equity and excellence for all students.”

Phases 1 and 2 will consist of meetings with constituent groups, internal leadership groups, as well as external leaders, parent groups and community organizations. She will provide updates to the Board of Trustees along the way for feedback and will give a formal report at the conclusion of each phase of the Entry Plan. The reports will include information learned during the entry process and will assist the leadership team in defining the current state (external reality and internal perceptions) of Aldine ISD. Leading staff (e.g. specific goals, plans, changes, monitoring) will dominate the second half of Phase 2 and Phase 3. The last phase will run from mid September to November 1. 

Dr. LaTonya Goffney sits among a panel of award-winning superintendents at the Texas Association of School Board’s (TASB) Summer 2018 Leadership Institute. They shared great advice and information with attendees. Goffney is the 2018 American Association of School Administrators Texas Superintendent of the Year. She is also the 2017 Texas Association of School Board Superintendent of the Year.

A summary of what Goffney learns from these discussions will be collected in a document, which she will present to the Aldine ISD Board of Trustees, and used to facilitate the movement to strategic planning and intentional excellence.

Although her official start date was July 2, Goffney has already met with the Board of Trustees. She also met with Donna Bahorich, chair of the Texas School Board of Education.

Goffney said Aldine is an outstanding District with exceptional programs, remarkable students and impressive results.

Aldine-ISD-Superintendent-Dr-LaTonya-Goffney-Image-2-768x579.jpg“Aldine ISD has been the one of the shining stars in the State of Texas. It is my desire to build on the foundation of success that has already been established by the Board, my predecessors, staff and community leaders. I look forward to working together. Truly I am humbled that the Board of Trustees chose me to lead the District. It is my goal to make a positive contribution to Aldine ISD, its students, staff and community.

“We are going to make this year the best we ever had for kids, for parents and employees. Then next year we’re going to do the same thing. Every move forward will always be to improve. We will provide the best education possible to prepare students for their future.”

All In for All Students!