Student Entrance Form

The Aldine ISD Student Registration Form / Student Entrance Form is now available online.

If a student was enrolled on the last day of the 2018-2019 school year and will be attending a different Aldine ISD school in 2019-2020, a parent/guardian must fill out this form. This includes students that moved over the summer, students selected for the Magnet program, transfer students, students selected for Avalos, Blanson or Victory. This also applies to students going back to their home campus instead of attending the school with the Magnet program, their transfer school or attending Avalos, Blanson or Victory.

As parents or guardians you can print the blank form and complete by hand or fill out the form online and print when completed. The parent or guardian will then bring the completed form to the school when registering the student.

Information typed into the Student Registration Form / Student Entrance Form will not be saved and is not stored or transmitted electronically.

If the form is being completed online, a series of ‘pop-up’ boxes may appear. Click Cancel, OK, or No depending on your computer settings and preferences.

The Tab key will move you forward to the next empty space within the form. Click the check boxes or press the SpaceBar key to select an option if required. The gray area of the form headed SCHOOL USE ONLY will be completed at the school by their staff.

To complete the registration process you will need to provide to the school in which the student is enrolling this signed Student Registration Form / Student Entrance Form along with:

  • Immunization / shot records
  • Report card and / or withdraw form from last school
  • Birth certificate (original preferred)
  • Social Security card (original preferred)
  • Proof of residential address in parent’s / guardian’s name. Possible documents that can be used are utility bills (with the exception of telephone), mortgage closing papers, lease agreements, etc.
  • Parent’s / guardian’s valid drivers license or picture identification

If a student is new to the district or is a previous Aldine ISD student who was not enrolled on the last day of the prior school year the parent/guardian would use the Online Enrollment portal.

Contact the individual campus for additional documentation required.