District students from multiple grade levels shine in Houston Fire Museum’s annual Poster Contest.

Miguel Frías shows off his Grand Prize ribbon for his artwork. Miguel was one of three students across the Houston area to win Grand Prize ribbons. He also won first place in the fourth grade event.

[dropcap color=”#888″ type=”square”]T[/dropcap]he goal of the contest is to increase fire safety awareness and education. It’s a strong reminder about preventing fires and to be alert every day to the dangers that cause fires.

The contest is run by the Houston Fire Museum and Independent Insurance Agents of Houston. It is open to students from Greater Houston area school districts.


Artwork by Miguel Frías

The Houston Fire Museum’s 42nd Annual Fire Prevention Poster Contest continues is a long-held tradition that is held each October during National Fire Prevention Month. The contest encourages students, first through 12th grade, to use their artistic ability while demonstrating a fire safety awareness message.

Miguel Frías from Kujawa Elementary School won first in the fourth grade level and received an Overall Grand Prize ribbon. Miguel drew an image of a fireman battling a fire. He had two messages. The first indicated that fires are scary. But he also shared that firemen should not be feared. They are here to help.


Artwork by Santiago Williams

A total of 10 AISD students brought home top three wins in their respective grade levels.

First, second, and third Place overall winners’ posters are on display at the museum throughout 2017.

Dr. Michaelann Kelley supports the contest and is proud of the work that AISD students produce. Kelley is program director of fine arts.

Its important for children to learn and retain the fire safety messages,” said Kelley. “Children are also a valuable link in the chain of communication. They take the lesson home and promote fire prevention measures to the entire family.”


Artwork by Christopher Lombard

Overall Grand Prize Winner From Aldine ISD

[ul class=”list list-search”] [li]1st Place in 4th Grade — Miguel Frías @ Kujawa Elementary School[/li][/ul]

Complete List of Winners From AISD by Grade Level

First Grade


Artwork by Christopher Lara

[ul class=”list list-search”] [li]1st Place – Santiago Williams @ Kujawa ES [/li]

[li]2nd Place – Christopher Lombard @Kujawa ES [/li][/ul]

Second Grade

[ul class=”list list-search”] [li]1st Place – Christopher Lara @ Kujawa ES[/li] [li]2nd Place – Tyler Espinoza @ Kujawa ES [/li][/ul]

Third Grade


Artwork by Tyler Espinoza

[ul class=”list list-search”] [li]1st Place —Rubí Sánchez @ Kujawa ES[/li] [li]3rd Place – Ximena Frias @ Kujawa ES[/li][/ul]

Fourth Grade

[ul class=”list list-search”] [li]1st Place – Miguel Frias @ Kujawa ES[/li] [li]3rd Place – Víctor Garza @ Kujawa ES[/li][/ul]


Artwork by Rubi Sánchez

Seventh Grade

[ul class=”list list-search”] [li]2nd Place – Adán Uriostegui @ Stovall MS[/li][/ul]

Ninth Grade

[ul class=”list list-search”] [li]3rd Place – Jaela Ross @ Nimitz Ninth Grade School[/li][/ul]

To view all the winners, visit the [icons icon_name=”icon-external-link” icon_size=”14px”]Fire Museum of Houston’s website.


Artwork by Ximena Frias

Be sure to stop by the Museum to view the artwork of students from Aldine ISD and across the greater Houston area.


You’re truly a group of talented young artists!